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September 2009



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Sep. 14th, 2009

photoshoot, CB, EL

Crash Into Me: CB/BRo Xover--Chapter 4

Title: Crash Into Me
Rating: T
Chapter: Chapter 3
Spoilers: None, started this in the midst and wasteland of Spoilers aka Summer
Disclaimer: I own nothing except a great love for CB/BRo and the many inhabitants of the UES.
Summary: A post finale fic with AU turn, follows the twists and turns as the worlds of GG & HIMYM collides. Two couples work at figuring out what comes after ILY. Unexpected connections are discovered while danger and intrigue weave its destructive web. CB/BRo

Link to:
Prologue->Midnight Flights & Morning Afters --
Chapter 1-> Masters of the Universe --
Chapter 2-> Plan of Attack & Head in Bag -- http://jenndeve.livejournal.com/3119.html
Chapter 3-> Get a Clue -- http://jenndeve.livejournal.com/3472.html

Chapter 4:

Down the Rabbit Hole

Less than forty five minutes after the Bass private jet finally took off, Blair had searched every place that she could think of three times over. Every compartment that she could get herself into. The cockpit. The sleep cabin. Even the lavatory and still she came up with no trace of this mythical trunk.

She didn’t exactly return to her seat empty-handed. Mouth pursed against a small smile she studied the small velvet purse resting in her palm. She’d found it in the sleep cabin, resting between plump white pillows. As she’d done when she’d first found it there, Blair loosened the ties and dumped the contents in her palm.

Conversation hearts. Tiny candies that usually meant Valentine’s Day rested there. A rainbow of colors, each with the same exact message. “Love U.”

At first, she’d wondered if someone else might’ve left them behind. Lily and her male mistress as Chuck so fittingly put it. But then she’d found the small scrap of paper, a quick note in Chuck’s hand.

“Eat me.” It said.

The gesture was sweet. She had no intentions of chomping away on the nasty little candies. As much as she loved all the little ways they spelled out his love. No it was the scrolled note that held her attention. Two simple words that could’ve been completely innocent coming from anyone other than Chuck Bass. Two simple words rife with suggestion.

Shaking her head, Blair carefully slipped each piece of candy back into their velvet encasement. Handling them as she might have handled precious jewels.

The blonde returned, “Miss Waldorf. May I get you anything? Something to eat or drink?”

“No, thank you.” She gave a quick shake of the head. Her extensive and ultimately fruitless search had left her famished but she was feeling to actually eat.

“Of course, Miss.”

Once again Blair was left by alone. Her “clues” settled in her lap. The sleep mask and velvet bag. Eric’s words about a trunk and seeing her tomorrow. She worked the puzzle of them, trying to make jagged pieces fit but there was no shape for them to hold.

The flight attendant returned minutes later with the same inquiry and again, Blair turned her away. Wanting to be left alone while she put things together. The third time the woman came back, Blair snapped at the poor woman.

“Are you deaf? I said no thank your. In case it escaped your notice, I’m trying to concentrate here. So unless you have something to contribute…please go away and don’t come back. Not until I call you, anyway.”

Jeez, next time Chuck decided to kidnap her, he’d damn well better hijack Dorota, too.

Her cellphone vibrated.

Give up? he texted.

Don’t hold your breath, Bass.

Good. Having fun yet? His reply came and she could almost picture him with that completely sexy and totally infuriating smile.

Oh, tons.

Absolutely certain that you won’t throw in the towel?

Bass… her crimson nails tapped out.


Either tell me what you’re up to or give me my next fucking clue, Blair ordered, fidgeting impatiently.

Well, aren’t we feeling testy? Enjoy your candy?

Nope. Stop stalling. Clue, please.

Okay. Here’s your clue.

Blair held her breath, waiting. She was just about to tap out a new message when her phone buzzed again. Finally.

Stop torturing my staff.

Ha!!! Blondie tattled on me. Color me terrified.

Be nice or I’ll have Michael turn the plane around.

Her laughter filled the cabin at his empty threat. No way had he gone to so much trouble just to call things off because she’d been mean to his flight attendant/spy.


Face lit up and smiling hugely, she typed, Yes, Bass.

Please eat something. We’ve got a long night ahead of us.

Well. When he put it that way. Still not the clue she’d asked for, but he was sweet…taking care of her. No one ever really did that. Well, except Dorota, but that didn’t count because…well it was Dorota.

Otherwise, it was usually fell to Blair to take care of the people in her life. Serena. Nate. Even her underlings had been more hindrance than help, needing her to remain on top of things lest all go straight to hell.

“Fine, send her back.” Blair murmured aloud and quickly texted him the sentiment.

She’s afraid of you. Apparently, she’s to wait for you to call for her.

God, had Blondie reported back their entire exchange. Or rather her bitching.

Get something to eat and be nice to the help.

We’ll see, she retorted but called out to the other woman. Tossing her phone aside and effectively ending her part in their “conversation.”

She greeted Blondie with an icy smile as she returned pushing along a silver service cart.

“Thank you…” Blair dismissed, with an airy wave of her hand.

“I just need to…”

“I can get it.” She lifted one silver dome and felt her mask slip. Beneath was what looked like a simple sandwich, sliced in diagonal halves and no crust. He’d remembered. Her fingertips peeled one edge, confirming her suspicions.

Peanut butter, jelly and white chocolate. A combination they’d come up with after school one day. Dorota away on vacation and her parents off doing their own thing. The four of them, the non-judging breakfast club left to their own devices, as early as fourth grade.

Dropped off by Chuck’s limo, the foursome had headed immediately for the kitchen and wanted nothing that had been left prepared for either Blair or her parents to simply heat in the microwave. Instead they’d come up with their own version of PB & J and proceeded to stuff themselves silly. They’d made themselves so damn sick that she hadn’t thought of having another in years. Had completely forgotten the fun they’d had that frigid Winter afternoon.

Still smiling she lifted the second silver dome and knew just what she’d find.

A crystal, sherry glass filled to the brim with amber liquid.

Well, she had to hand it to Blondie. The woman hadn’t spilled a single drop.

She didn’t need to taste to know that it was Brandy. Same as when they’d been nine and ready to experiment with their first taste of the forbidden.

“Thank you.” Her expression softened as she said the words again, infusing even a measure of sincerity this time around.

The other woman smiled, appearing to relax but she didn’t stick around long after that. Remember Blair’s earlier remarks.

Despite the sudden roiling of her grumbling belly, she didn’t scarf down the sandwich. No, she savored the taste of it on her tongue. White chocolate and peanut butter thick on her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Raspberry jelly invariably settling at the corner of her mouth.

God, it tasted as good as she remembered and she wasn’t thinking about the hours that night that she and Serena took turns holding each other’s hair as they threw up the entire contents of their bellies, even when there should’ve been nothing left. Chuck and Nate dreaming up inventive ways to replace the brandy they’d taken or at least make it seem as though none had been taken at all.

Even then, she hadn’t been able to resist a challenge. A dare from Chuck. Childish yes, but they’d so young back then. He’d dared and she’d taken the bait. Same as always.

She reached for her glass now, fully prepared to toast the Basstard for stirring the long forgotten memory. Her fingertips brushed against the slip of paper she hadn’t seen before, somehow curled about the crystal stem, reminding her to let herself not become distracted.

Blair cradled the curling edges, unfurling as she went along. “Drink me and…” the message left off.

“And what?” she whispered. Something about the message striking a familiar chord. Only she couldn’t remember what it could be. Hell, she couldn’t figure the message itself.

Eat me, the first had said.

Drink me and…

Dammit. Her cellphone buzzed to life and she snatched it up. Not bothering with the back and forth of text message. Instead she called him.

As before he picked up almost immediately, though his manner and words seemed almost negligent.

“And what?” Blair demanded, cutting to the chase.

He whispered,“Look down.”

“Down where? Would you stop being all cryptic and mysterious. It’s getting on my nerves and I don’t find it the least bit romantic.”

“Oh, get off it, Blair. You’re loving every minute of it.”

Blair tried not to smile, “You drive me crazy, you know?”

“Likewise.” Chuck said, “Admit it, though. You’d hate me any other way.”

She rolled her eyes, opting to say nothing at all. There was no hating Chuck. God knew she’d tried.

His laughter rolled through her, making her body feel as warm and languid as the brandy had. “No more clues, Waldorf. I’ll see you when you get here.”

This time he cut her off, hanging up before she could dog him with any other questions. Demand more clues.

Suddenly, she remembered the final clue he’d give her.

Blair looked down, first at her lap where he sleep mask and velvet pouch lay. Her gaze fell to her stocking clad toes and the carpet below.

Slipping from her seat, she checked the compartment beneath her seat. She’d stowed her purse beneath earlier, preoccupied with checking the plane to see if Chuck was onboard. Come to think of it, she hadn’t revisited this particular spot during her search for clues. No way could she have been sitting right on top of a clue the entire time.

Only one way to find out, she told herself and sank to her knees. Blair retrieved her purse and peeked beneath it.

Pumping her fist, she hissed her victory and snatched the small shopping bag from its hiding place.

Yet another note awaited her inside the Bergdorf bag. This one instructed, “Wear me,” attached to a beautiful concoction of lace and silk.

Blair couldn’t help laughing, her hands full of the fragile material. She didn’t need any clues beyond Chuck’s present/clue to know how he intended to end the evening. Dressing for a romantic dinner, she’d already hauled out the sexy La Perla set she’d bought the day before, but Blair found herself hurrying into the sleep cabin to change into the ones Chuck had left for her to find.

All the while, she couldn’t some smiling. Her clues suddenly coming together to make a crazy kind of sense.

Eat me. Drink me. Alice in Wonderland. The “Wear Me” and her La Perlas were all Chuck.

How appropriate since she felt as though she’d fallen down the rabbit hole, the very moment she realized that she’d done the craziest thing in the world and fallen in love with Chuck Bass.

One thing she could always be certain of with loving Chuck. No such thing as a dull moment in a relationship with the guy. He’d been right earlier. She loved their little games.

Finally dressed in her newest black corset and lace-trimmed panties, Blair considered her image in the mirror, her face lit up and looking happier than she could remember feeling in a very long time.

“Miss Waldorf?” Blondie’s voice sounded on the other side of the door. “The captain says that you should take your seat. We will be landing shortly.”

They’d been in the air just over an hour. Definitely not Europe, but where. It seemed that she was going to find out sooner enough.

“Ready or not, Bass. Here I come.”


He’d meant it earlier when he told his attorney that he wouldn’t be taking over officially at BI for another three weeks. Still, that didn’t mean that he was willing to walk in there cold. Unaware of what was happening with his company on every level.

Yes, his father had delegated up to a point but there was little that went on in the multi-billion dollar conglomerate that his father hadn’t known about. Bart Bass may not have been the best of fathers or husbands but Chuck couldn’t think of anyone he wanted to emulate more when it came to business matters.

Chuck knew very well that he had enemies on his own board of directors. Those who would have preferred that he leave the company to his father’s widow or preferably another party entirely. Someone whose strings could be pulled s they saw fit.

Well, as far as Chuck was concerned, that was just too damn bad. The company bore his name. His father’s name. And despite all their issues, his father had trusted him to carry on his life’s work.

No way in hell was fucking this up.

Which was why he sat there, surrounded by stacks of folders and paperwork that he’d brought along. Figures, spreadsheets, and proposals that he planned to pore over during the next three weeks.

He was sure that he’d have plenty of downtime when Blair would be off doing her thing. He just needed to make sure she didn’t see any of this shit.

“Sir,” his assistant poked her head in. Taking in the room that he’d transformed into his office for the duration. “You asked to be informed once the jet arrived. The pilot just called.”

Chuck smiled, glancing at the heavy watch on his wrist. “Good. Running on schedule. Is everything else in place?”

“Yes, Mr. Bass. Exactly as you specified and awaiting Miss Waldorf’s arrival.”

“The car?”

She began stacking folders as he wandered to the open French doors and out onto the balcony. “Waiting at the airfield.”

The stars were out in force, shining against a velvet black backdrop. The moon full and heavy, looking as if it could fall to the Earth at any moment to kiss the ground. It almost made the twinkling lights his people had strung up unnecessary. Hands braced against stone, Chuck drank in the night air and surveyed the scene below.

People active and scurrying about.

Blair would love it.

God, he almost couldn’t believe his own excitement for his girlfriend to arrive so that the night could well and truly begin. Getting it all planned over the past two days had been a bitch, mostly because he’d spent almost every waking moment within earshot of the woman he’d been trying to surprise.

She’d walked in on him more than once. Each time he’d admitted that he was on the phone with his late father’s personal assistant, Eileen, letting her believe that he was discussing business with the older woman.

Of course, he’d glimpsed annoyance in those brown eyes after the sixth or seventh time she’d walked in on them discussing financial reports. But Blair never actually voiced a complaint, obviously wanting to give him room to make a go of it with the company.

He remembered her annoyance when they’d spoken earlier on the phone, not quite covering up the anticipation in her voice.

No way would he figure out exactly what he’d been doing.

“My suit?” He sighed, slipping back inside.

His PA nodded, “Pressed and hanging in the master bedroom.”

Good. The drive from the airfield would take only a matter of minutes. Long enough, though, for him to get dressed for the long evening ahead. The festivities in store.

He thanked the woman and dismissed her for the remainder of the evening. Chuck hurried from the room, wanting to be ready before Blair could arrive at the front gates.

He wondered how Blair had enjoyed all of her surprises. Yes the candy hearts in themselves were textbook and more than a little lame. The sandwich and brandy had been a last minute addition, the half-forgotten memory of that entire day, coming to him in the middle of the night as he’d watched her sleep.

The little present he’d picked out himself from Bergdorf’s had been just as much for him as for her. Okay, well maybe totally for him.

Quickening his pace, he wondered if Blair had remembered to check the trunk.


She turned to Arthur the moment her Loubontins touched down on the tarmac, demanded he open the trunk for her. Eric’s words ringing in her ears.

It was dark by that point, but the trunk’s illuminated interior all but put a spotlight on the black garment bag lying inside. She lifted it out, reaching for the zipper at once. Blair squinting in the darkness, trying to get a good look at the gauzy, beaded material.

“Miss Waldorf. You left this on the plane.” Arthur held out something to he once she was in the backseat, the garment bag settled across her lap.

Blair frowned, glancing down at the sleep mask that she had indeed abandoned on the plane. She’d figured apparently incorrectly that she wouldn’t need it any longer. Going by Arthur’s expression, she’d figured incorrectly. “Thank you, Arthur.”

Once she took it, he didn’t close the door softly. No, he stood there watching her. Waiting.

Brown eyes rolled, replete with understanding of exactly what he waited for. “You’re kidding, right.”

“Unfortunately not, Miss.”

Blair wanted to argue. She wanted to refuse, being blindfolded but even more, she wanted to see exactly where this little game of Chuck’s ended. Or rather, picked up from here. She slid the mask over her eyes and sank back against the plush seats. The jolt of the door shutting and engine thrumming to life filled the silent interior.

She didn’t bother trying to cheat. Blair wouldn’t have put it past Chuck to have given his driver instructions to stop the car immediately if she rebelled midway.

So instead she waited, her hands sweeping inside the garment bag. Fingers caressing the beaded material and her body enjoying the feel of the silken scraps hugging her hips and cradling her breasts. She’d put back on her own dress but now she was chomping at the bit to slip on her gown.

Blair couldn’t be sure exactly how long she sat there. Hyper aware of every moment. Every dip in the road. And the silence.

She’d expect the stop and go of traffic. Was used to impatient chorus of car horns. But all she heard was silence beyond the purring engine. No twists and turns in the road either but a straight trip wherever they were headed.

It seemed though, that just as quickly as they’d landed and hit the road. They were finally slowing.

Her fingers itched to rid herself of the mask, but she kept it in place. Even as she heard Arthur behind the wheel, static filling the air.

“I have Miss Waldorf. We’re expected.” he told the person on the other end.

She heard a buzz and then the heavy click and swing of metal.


When they finally stopped, pulling into the circular drive, she expected Chuck to be waiting there. But it wasn’t he who led her still blindfolded self from the car, reassuring her as the garment bag was taken from her.

“You’ll get it back.” Someone said, a wholly unfamiliar voice. Soft, cool hands on her wrist and back as they lead her forward.

Her heels clicked against stone. She was instructed to step up twice, before she could feel the difference in the air. Felt the change as she stepped inside.

“Almost there.” Blair was told.

She heard voices whispering indistinctly. Music in the distance.

“Here we are. You’ll be collected in ten minutes. Your dress is on the bed. Makeup and everything else you’ll need in the bathroom.”

Blair yanked the mask off, just as the door was being closed and…locked. They’d actually locked her inside.

Where in the world was Chuck? Where in the world were they?

She glanced around the sumptuously decorated bedroom. At the four-poster bed where her garment bag lay waiting for her.

It was almost done. Their little game. The puzzle he’d dreamed up and she was still only beginning to understand what the man she loved was up to.

Blair dressed quickly, the black and red gown feeling lighter on her body than she’d first thought. Exchanging her heels for the matching shoes that she’d found tucked inside with her dress. She’d already refreshed her make-up before leaving the jet, still she slipped into the bathroom to pin-up her hair, leaving her shoulders and back completely bare. Retouching her make-up just for the hell of it, Blair was puckering her blood red mouth in a quick kiss when she spotted the final piece to her costume.

Shaking her head, she turned and reached for the lacy mask she’d finally seen in the mirror. She carried it back into the bedroom.

“Miss Waldorf?” As promised. The woman who’d left her, returned. “Oh, you look beautiful. Can I help you with the mask?”

Blair nodded, glancing through the open door, half-expecting to see Chuck standing there, but of course he wasn’t. “Where is he?”

“Waiting for you, Miss. There.” The dark-haired woman stepped back to admire her handiwork, reaching out to loosen strands of Blair’s hair until wispy tendrils hung about her face.

Blair followed behind the maid as she led her from the bedroom. She grabbed her cellphone at the last moment, dropping into her velvet bag of hearts before hurrying from the room. Her eyes searched anxiously, drinking in everything as she finally got a glimpse of the house or rather a seemingly neverending series of hallways and closed doors.

Then finally they just stopped. Not in a dining room or ballroom. No instead, she stood before a set of French doors leading outside.

The night was ablaze with lights and finally she heard it. The buzz of noise that became a roar of joined voices as the maid swept open the door, motioning
Blair forward.

She wasn’t aware of just when the woman disappeared from her side, too engrossed in assimilating the scene before her. The crush of people who, like herself, all wore masks and costumes. Some were more colorful and flamboyant than others. A few wore elaborate headdresses and full-face make-up that obscured their features completely.

Blair spotted a courtjester or two. A man on stilts.

Everyone seemed to laughing and talking over the Zydeco music floating on the air.

The entire thing reminded her of pictures that Roman and her father had sent to her. Photographs of trips to Venice and Nice for Carnaval. Mardi Gras.

No way had her plane ride been nearly long enough to make it even as far as New Orleans. Besides that, they were a few months late for this to be the real deal.

Blair tipped her face skyward, knowing exactly what it felt to have the balmy kiss of New Orleans’ air skimming her skin and this was most definitely not it. No humidity here. Only a cool breeze playing at the wispy strands handing about her face.

She stepped out into open, searching the faces of the crowd and finding nothing familiar in even one of them. Right then, she felt the velvet bag hanging from her wrist start buzzing. Her phone.

“You look breathtaking.” Chuck’s voice hissed sensuously in her ear.

Clutching the phone, she swept the crowd again, looking for him. “Where are you? What is all this?”

“Haven’t you figured it out yet, your Highness?”

Smiling, she glanced again at her velvet bag of hearts and her red and black dress. Queen of Hearts. Down the rabbit hole, he’d made her his Queen of Hearts. She looked again.

“Do you remember the masquerade ball? Our junior year?”

The night she’d humiliated herself yet again, throwing her virginity into the wind as prize for Nate. He hadn’t even bothered. She’d waited hours and he’d never even come looking for her.

Why in the world was Chuck bringing that up?

“Vaguely,” She murmured, jaw clenched.

He demanded, softly. “Do you remember what I said to you that night?”

No. Yes. She smiled slowly, remembering the look on his face when he’d realized that little Jenny had gotten one over on him. “Yes. And I still don’t want to know how you got that tux.”

“Before that…” Chuck said.

If I were your man. I wouldn’t need clues to find you.

Her smile stretched as she suddenly knew what he meant. Despite the fact that he’d been apt to chase almost anything in a skirt and his role as best friend to her then boyfriend, she’d felt excitement run through her at his purely male appreciation. Even then he’d made her feel something aching and forbidden inside. Something that even Nate hadn’t inspired in her and she’d refused to acknowledge. Yes. She definitely remembered.

“So you do remember.” He whispered, obviously close enough to witness her revelation.

Blair planted a hand on her hip and grinned saucily into the crowd, “No, fair, Bass. You already know what I’m wearing. Even in this crowd, you’d find me easily, enough.”

“I know. That’s why you’re going to find me.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yessss.” Chuck replied, “I even left you a few clues, but first…tell me, Waldorf. Are you wearing my present beneath that dress?”

“Maybe…why don’t you show yourself and find out?”

“Oh, I plan to. Later, though. Need I remind you of your clues so that we can begin.”

Blair shook her head, her tone low and provocative as her free hand smooth across the material of her dress, lingering on his other present that she wore beneath. “Wear me.”

“Do that again.” He growled, watching her hands.

She ignored him, “Drink me…taste me.”

“Not exactly how it goes, but we’ll try that later, as well.”

“You are perverse.”

His laughter hot and thick, swept down her spine, offering dark promise. “All the more reason to love me. Now you’ve got your clues, my queen. Come find me.”

Her eyes honing in on one of the more outrageously outfitted courtjesters, she teased, “I already did, my sir fool.”

“Very funny. But I don’t think so. Try again.” Chuck sighed, “Good hunting.”

Once again, the line went dead in her ear.

Teeth sinking into her bottom lip, Blair glanced away from the courtjester who even from this distance was obviously too lanky and tall to be her boyfriend. She began her search in earnest, walking careful down the steps and mixing in with the crowd.

The music and party atmosphere pulling at her senses. Excitement leaving her feeling drunk as she searched one face after another looking for her king.
A/N: I'm exhausted and will look through this again tomorrow. *kiss*


photoshoot, CB, EL

Crash Into Me: CB/BRo Xover--Chapter 3

Title: Crash Into Me
Rating: T
Chapter: Chapter 3
Spoilers: None, started this in the midst and wasteland of Spoilers aka Summer
Disclaimer: I own nothing except a great love for CB/BRo and the many inhabitants of the UES.
Summary: A post finale fic with AU turn, follows the twists and turns as the worlds of GG & HIMYM collides. Two couples work at figuring out what comes after ILY. Unexpected connections are discovered while danger and intrigue weave its destructive web. CB/BRo

Link to:
Prologue->Midnight Flights & Morning Afters --
Chapter 1-> Masters of the Universe --
Chapter 2-> Plan of Attack & Head in Bag -- http://jenndeve.livejournal.com/3119.html

Chapter 3:
Get a Clue


She bombarded Chuck’s longtime driver with one question after another, but the man was a rock. Like her own Dorota, loyal to a fault. He listened politely, but no matter how sweetly posed her questions, Blair won none of the answers that she’d been fishing for.


After awhile she fell silent, fuming despite her directive to “enjoy the ride.” A part of her enjoyed the drama of it all. The romance but mostly she was impatient to know. Ready to see him.


What could the Basshole be up to now? She wondered, her mind racing with countless possibilities.


Just when she was set to renew her interrogation on hapless Arthur, they arrived.


The limo pulled into the secure area for a private airfield. Her mouth open in shook, she could only stare as the limo finally rolled to a stop on the tarmac. Her eyes taking in nothing the gleaming surface of the silver of the Bass private jet. The red orange of the departing sun just behind it making it seem to almost glow like fire.


Arthur already had her out of the backseat and hurrying to the plane before her mind seemed to recover. Still clueless just what her boyfriend was up to. She quickened her step, a huge smile in place for the waiting pilot.


“Blair Waldorf.” She introduced herself.


“Miss Waldorf. We were told to expect you.”


“Well, unfortunately I can’t say the same.” She batted her eyes and donned a mournful expression for his benefit. “I’m afraid I don’t do very well with planes. We won’t be in the air very long, will we?”


The pilot’s wide grin never faltered, something knowing flickering in his dark eyes, “As I said, Miss. We were told to expect you.” He held out a box the six of her hand. “Mr. Bass asked that you be given this upon your arrival.


Blair accepted the box and immediately set about opening it. Wondering if she would finally get a real clue as to their destination or Chuck’s plans for the evening, but he pilot stopped her.


He cleared his throat, “I’m to tell you…”


Her eyes narrowed and she dropped all pretense of sweetness and light. “Another message, huh? Well…” She let her impatience flare.


“Not so much as a message, but you’re not to open that until we take off.”


Mischief surged and she wanted nothing more than to completely ignore the man’s words. Still, she was curious to see what Chuck could have up that expensively clad sleeve of his. “Fine,” Box clutched in hand, Blair breezed by. Barely missing stomping on his toes with her Loubontins. Which was for the best, she supposed. Best to save such abuse for later when her Chuck finally decided that he’d led her far enough on this merry dance.


She was surprised when Arthur joined her onboard, tipping his hat politely before joining the pilot in the cockpit. Unwilling to wait any longer, Blair unraveled the bright purple ribbon and opened the box to find a sleepmask nestled inside. 


Finger caressing the soft fabric, the pieces began coming together, making her suspicious. Just how long was this surprise flight supposed to be for, anyway? It wasn’t like they’d in the air for hours on end, right? And they weren’t set to leave for their European excursion until Sunday. 


Her crimson nail tapped out a beat as she mulled over that last thought. Sunday morning. The day after Chuck’s “surprise” birthday party. Was that was this was about? The rat was still trying to get out of the party that she and Lily were planning on his behalf.


Snatching up her phone, Blair hit speed dial. More and more certain that this was what the jerk was up to. He wasn’t be romantic. He was being his usual sneaky self, determined to get his way, despite all the hardwork she’d been doing to put this thing together.


He answered on the second ring.


“What do you think you’re doing?” Blair jumped right in.


His laughter came to her across the line, “Didn’t you get my message?”


“Yes…I got both of your extremely uninformative messages. As well as, your little gift.”


“You weren’t supposed to open that yet.”


Ha, and just how did he know that they hadn’t taken off yet. She got to her feet and did a quiet walkthrough of the interior of the private plane. The pilot would let her know when she needed to definitely be in her seat. Her quick search turned up no Bass or further clues. 


She tossed back,” Well, you shouldn’t have gone out of your way to be so sneaky.”


“It’s called romance, Waldorf. I’m trying here.”


“Come on, Chuck. You could give me a hint at the very least. “ Defeated in her search, she finally fell back into her seat with a soft ompf. Out of breath and just a little annoyed. Not so much at the game he’d made of things but at being thwarted in her attempts to figure things out. “A real one.”


“I suppose you have a point there.” He admitted, airily.


“Well…” Blair prompted, when he didn’t say anything else. “…Charles Bartholomew Bass.”


“Ssh. Close you eyes.” He whispered, so softly that she barely heard him. She could almost picture him right then, watching her with that hooded gaze. Eyes intense as they took in every part of her. 


“Close my eyes. That’s my hint?” She glanced down at the sleep mask hanging from her wrist.


“Yes. Now close your eyes and you’ll be here before you now it.”


Blair smiled despite herself, “You are the most frustrating man on the planet.”


“Now you know how I feel.” He retorted. “That’s all you’re getting, Waldorf.”


“Hmm. I could say the same for you later tonight.” Her words flowed over the line like silk, half-threat and half-suggestion.


He tsked, "Empty threats.  How unbecoming."


Suddenly her worries about the nature of his motives pushed to the forefront of her mind again and she had to ask, “How do I know you’re not doing all of this just to distract me from your party?”


Once more silence falls on his end of the line and she can almost see him smiling.


“Bass.” She said, her tone a warning in itself.


“I wouldn’t dream of it.”


“Uh-huh.” Now why didn’t she believe him?


“I need to go.” He sighed. Sounding…happy. “See you soon and no more questioning Arthur or Michael. You won’t get anything out of them.”


Not without a lot of effort. “Fine. I'm warning you, though, Bass.  I have every intention of figuring this out.”


“Waldorf. I’d expect no less. Talk soon”


She murmured a distracted goodbye, trying to work through the puzzle he’d left her with. Close her eyes? Blair scoffed, staring down at the sleep mask in disgust. As if she could possibly relax until she knew what was going on.


Dammit. Where was her bestie when Blair needed her? Chuck had taken to confiding in the blonde more and more lately, but she was off traipsing the globe with Carter. She shifted uncomfortably as she thought of the other person who Chuck might have confided in in the past. Nate. Only the two boys were no longer as close as they’d been. How she hated the fact that she’d been a part of all that had gone wrong between them.


Granted they had just as many issues, larger problems that had nothing to do with her, but she hadn’t exactly helped matter by trying to turn back time and feel something for Nate that wasn’t true anymore. Something that had ceased being reality, the moment she’d kissed Chuck. The moment she met his eyes up on that stage and felt as if for the first time ever, someone was finally seeing her.


Yeah. Nate was definitely out. Besides. The last she’d heard he heading off with the Troll for the summer. Youth hostels and backpacking. Definitely not her style.


No Serena. Nate was gone. That left Dan and Lil J….no help there. “Eric.” The lightbulb flared to life. 


She’d been good to the kid in the past. They’d been close long before Chuck had taken Eric under his metaphorical wing. Eric would tell her what he knew. A smile curving her mouth, she ignored the disparaging voice at the back of her head. 


“Eric. It’s Blair.” She said, “Do you have a minute? We need to talk.”


Nothing if not resourceful. That was her. Besides, hadn’t Chuck said himself that he fully expected her to unravel this mystery he’d posed. Which meant that there were clues and hints to be had. She just needed to figure them out.


“You’re late.” Eric told her, laughter in his warm, familiar voice.


Blair smiled, certain that she was on the right track after all.



Hours after their brainstorming session at McClaren’s, Robin and the others all went their separate ways. Ted headed off for some blind date or not so blind date with Marshall and Lillie’s new neighbor.


So she had the apartment to herself. Or at least she thought so until she came out of the bathroom and found her ex-boyfriend and now roomie on the sofa, a cold beer in hand. 


Robin frowned. No way had she been in the shower that long. “Oh. Ted. I thought you’d left already.” She glanced at the digital clock on the DVD player and made a face. “You’d better get a move on or you’re going to be late. Ooh, Ted. What happened to your face?”


Holding the cold glass against his eye, Ted sighed. “I came. I saw. I got punched in the face.”


Making a beeline for the kitchen, she grabbed a frigid bag of peas from the freezer. “Here. Drink your beer and put this on your eye.”


He flinched as she made the quick exchange, hissing softly. “Gently.”


“Oh, don’t be such a girl. Now what happened to your face. Did your date do this…”




“Aw, Ted. You got beat up by a girl…again.”


“Ow..ow…Robin. That’s my eye. I would like to be able to see out of it once the swelling goes down.” He said.


Robin ignored him, lifting the bag to examine the purpling bruise. “Oh, don’t be such a baby. I’ve seen worse on a couple of sparring grannies.” She told him, “They took it like men. You should try it.”


“Oh. That’s nice. I think I’ve got it from here. Thank you very much.” For a moment he seemed to forget himself and tried rolling his eyes. “It’s not funny.”


“Yeah. It kinda is. You wanna tell me what happen?” She asked, shifting back to her side of the sofa.


“Not actually.”


“Well, it can’t be that bad.” She said, earning a look that spoke volumes. Wanna be, it seemed to challenge.  “We dated for a year, Ted and we’ve been friends for even longer. How much more worse could it possibly be than some of what I’ve seen you do. What did you break up with her on her birthday…that got your butt kicked before.”


“Thanks for reminding me.”


Robin made a face as she had a new thought, “Aw, Ted. You didn’t…”


“What?” he frowned.


“You didn’t tell her you loved her, did you? I don’t care how well you might have hit it off. This was a blind date for godsakes.  You can’t ‘Mosby’ a girl like that. She probably thought you were some nutcase.” Robin shook her head, “Lillie’s going to kill you. She told Marshall not to set this up, but did you guys listen. No. “


Ted rolled his eyes, “I did not tell her that I was in love with her. I’ve only ever been that crazy once in my life and trust me. I learned from my mistake and could you guys please refrain from calling it that…Mosby.”


“But it’s your signature move and so should have your name. More fitting that way.” She argued, not bothering to disguise her smile. “Now are you going to tell me what happened or what?”


“Fine, but you have to swear you won’t breath a word to anyone.”


“Of course I won’t.” She lied.


“And now you’re just lying.”


“Am not. I’m getting impatient. Don’t make me call in reinforcements. I’ll call Lillie right now and have her go check on her neighbor.”


Ted hurried from the couch, leaping over the back to beat her to the telephone.


Whoa’kay. Hmm. Now she was desperate to now just what was going on with her roommate.


“Fine, I’ll tell you. Just. Shit. You’re going to need to move out because Marshall and Lillie are going to need to move in her.” He rambled. “That or I can never ever visit them again. Hmm, that might be easier.




“I’m working up to it.” He stepped away from the telephone, bending to retrieve his frozen peas. “Can we just say that it wasn’t as much of a blind date as I thought. Lydia and I kind of knew one another in another life.”


“An old girlfriend?”


He choked on a mouthful of beer. “No. Most definitely, no.”


“Ted, I’m getting bored here.”


“Good, tehn we don’t have to talk about it, anymore. Win-win.”


“No. I call Lillie to get the dirt on Lydia.”


She made it within two feet of the phone this time before he stopped her again. “Lydia and I went to high school together. Only she wasn’t Lydia back then. She was Larry.”


Well, that stopped her. 


Ted shook his head. Finishing off his beer as Robin proceeded to quite literally ‘laugh her ass off.’ Every time he was sure that she’d recovered enough to speak, gasping in air, she just started in again with renewed gales of laughter.






“As in sweaty gym socks? Showering together and locker room romances?”


“You’re not funny.”


“I’m sorry. It’s just I’ve seen Lydia and she’s really gorgeous.” After countless attempts, she was able to finally rein herself in.   “Wait. So why’d she hit you?”


“Well, we were taking old times…before I actually figured out who she was. At first, I thought she was actually Larry’s younger sister who’d been a year behind us and I kind of let it slip that I’d hooked up with Larry’s girlfriend.”


“I’m confused.” Robin blinked, trying to piece it together.


“Yeah. You and me both and I lived it.”


Gathering her dark hair at her nape, Robin offered sagely. “Blind dates are never a good idea, anyway. And Lillie did try to talk you out of it.


“Don’t remind me. I don’t even know what possessed me to go in the first place. I guess with Lillie and Marshall and you and…”


Her and…Barney?


“Well, with everyone pairing off. I guess I was feeling a little desperate. The push to get back out there, you know?”


Pairing off. God, how weird did sound. Hearing someone say that about her and Barney Stinson. Well, anyone and Barney Stinson. It was insane and yet it felt right. “Ted?”




Brow wrinkled thoughtfully, Robin studied her ex, “Um, so…you’re really okay with this whole thing…with what’s happening between me and Barney?”


Tossing aside the frozen bag of peas for the moment, he looked her straight in the eye or rather he squinted at her through his injured eye. “Robin. Barney’s my friend…”


“Uh, best friend.” She amended as Barney was wont to do, her eyes alight with suppressed laughter.


“One of my best friends.” Ted’s mouth twitched as if he wanted to smile, but then his expression sobered. “I’ve known the guy for years…watched him never quite let himself get too close to any one woman and then when he did…only close enough so that he could get in, get what he wanted, and get out.”


Robin shifted, very much aware that she and Barney were like two peas in a pod when it came to relationships and staying power. She’d never really found a guy who she wanted to be around long-term. Never felt that pull that lasted beyond the first few weeks. Her relationship with Ted had been an aberration and even that hadn’t lasted more than a year. And Barney…for years, his idea of a lasting relationship usually didn’t go beyond the length of time it took for him to charm a female right out of her panties.


Suppose they went for it and she let herself fall for the guy even more. Only to have him lose interest once the thrill of the chase was gone. Or suppose she herself fell back into old habits and her fickle heart longed for a change of scenery or someone


“This past year, though.” Ted admitted, “it was like seeing a whole new Barney….or no. That’s not right. Same Barney, but a new side to him.”


She couldn’t believe all the signs she’d missed. Things she would’ve remained oblivious to if she hadn’t accidently overheard Barney confirming what Ted had known for months. What Lillie and Marshall had known for almost a year. Barney Stinson was in love with her. And she’d been completely clueless the entire time. Granted, he hadn’t been a monk while working up the courage to admit the truth but that was Barney.


“Someone finally managed to get under his skin and I couldn’t be happier for either of you.” Ted gave his blessing.


Well, at least she could stop worrying that he’d get mad and decide to freeze Barney out as he’d done last year after finding out his best friend and ex-girlfriend had spent the night together. Her, he’d forgiven quickly enough, but he and Barney didn’t talk for weeks after the truth came out. “You have no idea how glad I am to hear you say that.” Robin breathed a sigh of relief.


“Good.” He cleared his throat, “There’s just one thing I wanted to say, though.”


“What is it?”


Robin waited not sure what more there might be left to say. Then he said the last thing she’d have ever expected of anyone. “Don’t hurt him.”


Her? Her hurt Barney? 


That was the one thing worrying Ted about the entire situation. Wow.


“You’re a hard woman to get over and he really loves you.” Ted stood slowly, reaching for his peas again. “And in case you’re wondering. I told Barney the same thing earlier.”




Frozen bag of peas back in place, he trudged toward his bedroom, leaving her alone to think on all that had been said. 


Ted and the others seemed to think that they could make a go of it. Barney had actually come right out and said the words…telling her how he felt. Now it was her turn. Granted, she’d told him that she cared about he and that she might love him even, but that had been before. When she’d said the words in an attempt to throw him off, wait for him to lose interest once he had her. Once she said the words, but he hadn’t. No instead he’d kissed her, promising that they’d figure everything out later.


Well, later had come and they still had yet to even talk about anything. She wasn’t completely sure of all that she was feeling. Only that the idea of being his “plus one,” at this party he’d managed to finagle an invite for, left her smiling like a goofball. That she wanted to have a chance to sort her own emotions and figure out where things went from here.



Of course, Eric expected her call. He’d expected it because her boyfriend was that sneaky. That and Chuck knew her all too well. Anticipating her next move before she even knew there was a game in play. 


Oh, Bass. Two can play at that game. “Eric, sweetie.” Honey could’ve dripped golden and heavy from those two words.


“Check the trunk.” He said, making her forget what she’d been about to say.




“That’s what I’m supposed to tell you.” Eric told her, “Check the trunk.”


Oh, not another one of those little clues that weren’t clues at all. Forgetting honey, she went on the offensive“Eric van der Woodsen, don’t forget that I used to change your diapers.”


He quickly rebutted, “Did not.”


“Well, Dorota did.” Blair retorted, “Come on, Eric. What is he up to?”


“He’s trying to surprise you. Would you just sit back and let him.”


She couldn’t. Chuck had made a game of their evening. Dropping hints and leaving clues for her to figure out. How could she possibly think about relaxing when he’d thrown down the gauntlet? Frustrated, Blair said as much to Eric, glaring at her phone as his good-natured laughter echoed in her ear.


“Blair, truthfully. He didn’t really say very much. Just that you’d be calling or else that I should call you in another half hour and tell you the trunk thing.”


An unladylike grunt was her only response. Until finally she grumbled, her red mouth pouting like a thwarted toddler, denied her favorite toy. “Anything else?”


“No.” Eric said, adding quickly. “Just have fun and that’s from me. See you tomorrow.”


He hung up leaving her with that.


Tomorrow, huh? Eric hadn’t said he’d talk but that he’d see her tomorrow. That had to mean that Bass wasn’t kidnapping her to Europe after all. Or it could mean nothing at all. And trunk? What trunk? Of a car or…


Brown eyes slid about the interior of the enclosed space. Maybe Eric had meant a different type of trunk. Just like the one where her mother or Dorota rather had packed away her old toys and photo albums.


Blair was pushing herself to her feet again when a pretty blonde emerged from the cockpit.


“We’ll be taking off in just a moment, Miss Waldorf. The pilot would like you to buckle up.”


“But…” Crap. “Of course.” She grit her teeth and did as asked, praying for the quickest takeoff possible so that she could search every inch of the private jet for her newest clue.


Grudgingly, as the plane tipped up to kiss the darkening sky, Blair had to admit that she was having fun.


Link to Chapter 4--> Down the Rabbit Hole-- http://jenndeve.livejournal.com/3715.html

A/N: You know what. I just wanna write and sometimes that means I don't have time to edit and post. So forgive my glaring errors while I just write the story.  Think you'd appreciate it better that way, right.


Sep. 12th, 2009

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Crash Into Me: CB/BRo Xover--Chapter 2

Title: Crash Into Me
Rating: T
Chapter: Chapter 2
Spoilers: None, started this in the midst and wasteland of Spoilers aka Summer
Disclaimer: I own nothing except a great love for CB/BRo and the many inhabitants of the UES.
Summary: A post finale fic with AU turn, follows the twists and turns as the worlds of GG & HIMYM collides. Two couples work at figuring out what comes after ILY. Unexpected connections are discovered while danger and intrigue weave its destructive web. CB/BRo

Link to:
Prologue->Midnight Flights & Morning Afters --
Chapter 1-> Masters of the Universe --

Chapter 2:
Plan of Attack & Head in Bag

Karl Saunders dropped his bags to the gleaming marble floor with a shrug, one of the servants would collect them soon enough and see that his things made it upstairs to his room. He turned to his college roommate, Seth Blaylock and waved the other man inside his family’s Upper Eastside Brownstone.

The two best friends were finally returning to the city after two weeks of post-finals detox in Mykonos. They’d partied on the decadent, lively Greek island until the days began meshing together. Sleeping all day and running wild. Dancing all night and fucking every piece of ass they could sweet talk into their beds.

“God, I think I want to sleep for a fucking week.” Seth followed suit, dropping his own bags.

“Getting old there, Blaylock.” Karl clapped his friend on the shoulder, “I couldn’t help noticing what a hard time you were having last night with the triplets.”

“They were triplets. A lot of shit going on.” His friend shrugged, “Besides, didn’t seem as if they were all that dissatisfied when we left, eh?”

“Not even a little.” The two made a lingering stopover in the kitchen, stuffing themselves until they could barely move. Still, they hurried away from the scene of the crime before his mother or Cook could arrive and read them the riot act for eating straight from the container or digging into dishes that were clearly marked for the meal that coming night.

It wasn’t the first time he’d done as such and Cook usually had a backup set to go. However, she’d catch hell from his mother for switching at the last moment. Karl could’ve cared less but he knew better than to really fuck with Cook. Not if he still wanted to eat.

The two friends wandered back the way they’d come and just as he’d predicted, Karl found that their things had disappeared from the entrance hall, almost as if into thin air. However, the family’s longtime butler stood at the foot of the stairs. As if he’d been waiting.

The older man tipped his head in deference to the two young bluebloods. “Sirs.”

“Good to see you, Jacob.” Karl offered the older man a genuine smile.

“You as well, young sir.” The butler paused in his usual sober manner before he informed. “Your father asked that you come up to his study once you’ve settled in.”

Fuck! The old man must’ve been in a mood. A meeting with dear old dad just right then was a fucking buzzkill. Literally.

Shit. Nothing to do but get it over with.

Leaving Seth to get settled into the guestroom down the hall from his own room, Karl dragged his feet as long as he could before making his way to the old man’s study.

He realized two things at once. His father wasn’t alone and he was even more pissed than Karl had initially figured on. Karl did a mental catalogue, trying to think of all the ways he could’ve screwed up this time. He’d aced all of his final exams and there was no way that his father could know exactly what he and Seth had been up to in Mykonos. Actually, as far as, Phillip Sanders knew the two boys had spent that past three weeks in Sydney, surfing and visiting Seth’s oldest sister.

“This is bullshit.” His father was saying. “How long are we supposed to let this ride?”

“It’s his company, Phillip.”

“He’s a fucking teenager. I don’t know what the hell Bart could’ve possibly thinking when he left his goddamn brat in charge of a multi-billion dollar company.”

His father’s companion seemed to be the voice of reason. Karl couldn’t see him through the crack in the doorway and dared not push it open any further. Not with the topic of conversation being that son-of-a-bitch, Chuck Bass.

Karl had taken a chance last Fall and gotten screwed over.

“I’m certain it never entered his mind that anything would happen to him when it did.” The vaguely familiar, yet still faceless voice contended, “Bart likely thought that the boy would have time to grow up and put his wild ways behind him. That he could groom Chuck into a proper leader for BI.”

“You know what Helen and I walked in on…and that was just a few months ago. Half-naked women and drugs everywhere. Do you really trust that boy to lead this company anywhere?” Karl’s father demanded. “In all honestly.”

The room was quiet. Silence, offering neither affirmation, nor denial.

His father seemed to take it as an agreement to his way of thinking, “I thought so and now he’s eighteen. No morality clause to rein him in this time around.”

“I don’t know. Maybe he’s ready this time. People can surprise you.”

“Not Chuck Bass.” Phillip argued.

“Well, what are you suggesting? The will was ironclad. He met with Spenser Jones today and signed the final papers.”

“I know that. I’m the one who told you.”

“He’s taking over the company. It’s all but done.”

“Maybe.” Phillip conceded, “but it can be undone.”

“You’re banking that he’ll get bored.”

“Not really. Sure, that could happen, but CEO is a very demanding job. One that could overwhelm a man with even decades of experience under his belt.” Phillip said, “No, with just the right amount of pressure, I think young Bass will fold.”

“You’ve got something in mind.” That voice came, smug and poisonous.

“Just a few ideas that could help speed along the process.” Phillip told him, “Won’t be long before Bass takes off to lick his wounds.”

Sensing movement at his back, Karl jumped, barely catching himself before he could thump his head.

“What are…” Seth started, his words cutoff as Karl covered his friend’s mouth and shoved him backward, footsteps backpedaling until they were out of sight should anyone suddenly come leave his father’s office.

Out of earshot, Karl dropped his hand.

“What the fuck, man?” Seth shoved hard against his friend.

“Sorry. You shouldn’t have snuck up on me like that.”

“What were you doing back there? Spying on your old man?”

“Something like that.” Karl admitted, “Let’s go to my room. We need to talk.”

Seth didn’t move “About what?”

“Not here,” he left his roommate to trail behind him, as his long strides quickly ate up space. His excitement growing more and more as he thought on his father’s conversation.

The old man was actually going after that little bastard, Bass. Maybe summer in the city wouldn’t be all that bad, after all.


The others were all clustered together in their usual booth at McClaren’s. Barney signaled the waitress for a beer. He doesn’t sit immediately but stands there facing his best friends.

Lillie’s eyes hone in on the large shopping bag gripped in his hand. “What’s in the bag?”

“Yeah, buddy. What’d you’ve got there?” Marshall echoed.

What’s in the box? What’s in the box?” Barney echoed sotto voce, his expression over the top. When no one at the table took the bait, he shook his head, heaving a disappointed sigh. “Come on, guys. Kevin Spacey. Head in box. Classsic.”

“Barney, do you have a head in there?”

He looked at Ted as if his friend had lost his mind. “Pfft…no.”

“Barney. Would you just put us out of our misery.” Robin rolled her eyes, as curious as the others. “Please.”

“Okay. Since you asked so nicely.” His mouth twitched, offering an audacious grin as he met Robin’s gaze. “I do aim to…wait for it…please.”

“Barney.” She groaned, though he could tell by the look in her eyes that she was secretly pleased.

He squeezed into the booth beside her. “In this bag, I have the crucial elements for the next step in what I like to call Operation Baby BRo. Waddup.”

“Marshall said you found a way to get us all into the party.” Ted relayed.

“Marshall was correct. Do you remember when I told you about GNB working with Bart Bass a few years back?” Barney finally told them, “Well, I called a few old contacts and scored an invite. It wasn’t easy, I tell you.”

“That’s great, man.” Ted breathed what sounded like a sigh of relief. He exchanged a quick glance with Lillie and Marshall.

“All right, what’s that look?” Barney glanced between them in askance.

“We were all talking before you got here and we were getting worried that you’d come up with some off-the-wall scheme…trying to sneak us all in.”

“Please. La—me.” Barney singsonged, “please give me a little more credit than that.”

Ted scoffed, “This from the man who ‘suited up’ into four different costumes at the same party, just to get some girl’s number.”

“Ooh, baby. How about when he dressed up as the mascot when he couldn’t get into that prom with me and Robin.” Lillie reminded them of the wild escapades that had ensued when she’d insisted they sneak into that prom just so she could test out the band for she and Marshall’s wedding.

“Couldn’t imagine how we were going to sneak into this high society shindig, anyway.” Ted laughed. “Not without getting caught.”

“You’ll be dressed as Cater Waiters and you won’t get caught because you’ll actually be Cater Waiters.” Barney told them, bringing all conversation at the table to a stunned halted. Then they were all talking at once.

“But you said…”

“What do you mean Cater Waiter?”

“What the hell is a Cater Waiter?”

The friends talked over one another.

Barney held up a hand until they all quieted, “I know a guy.” He reached into the shopping bag he’d been carrying and grabbed the black polyester vests and white shirts inside. Tossing one to Lily, Marshall, and Ted.

“What happened to all that talk of having an invitation? Barney, we can’t sneak into this party. We won’t even be able to get into the building. Even posing as…cater waiters or whatever.” Robin piped up.

“No one’s posing as anything. They’ll be dressed and working the party.”

“What is this ‘they’?” Ted demanded.

“Well, I meant it when I said I scored an invite…but I’m only allowed a plus one.” Barney shrugged, taking a long swig from his beer.

With those words, Robin suddenly realized that he hadn’t handed her one of the uniforms. “Oh.”

“You, of course, will be my plus one, Scherbatsky.”

“Why not. Beats Cater Waiter any day.” She nodded, “No offense, guys.”

The five friends toasted their plans. Strategizing their plan of “attack.” They asked no questions when Barney suddenly pull something else from the shopping bag he’d been carrying around.

A floorplan. Somehow. Someway Barney had gotten the floor plan for the van der Bass apartment. Of course they didn’t have a clue whose room was whose beyond the master bedroom.

“What do you think your father’s widow is like?” Lillie looked up from her end of the floorplan. “Do you think she’s the kind of woman who’d hold on to momentos. Maybe she has his brush or something. That’s what I would do if something happened to Marshall. Ooh. Maybe all of his things are still in the master bedroom like he never left at all. Like some creepy shrine to his memory. That would work out great. That way you could just slip into the bedroom without wandering around and getting caught…ohmigod. Suppose we get caught. Do you think they’d throw us in jail if we got caught.” Faster and faster the words came spilling out. “I’m rambling. I’m know I’m rambling. I can’t stop. They can’t arrest us because it’s your father’s DNA and we’re not exactly stealing it. It’s half yours…”

Marshall clapped his hand over his wife’s mouth, only to have his hand slapped away as she tried to catch her breath.

“Thanks, baby.” Lillie finally said breathlessly, her chest heaving. “Guess, I just got a little carried away there.”

“Anytime.” Marshall told her.

Robin frowned, “Barney, maybe Lillie had a point…somewhere in there. I think. Maybe his wife held on to some of his things. Couldn’t you just call her up and arrange a meeting with your brother that way?”

“All I was trying to say.” Lillie said in between long drags from her beer.

Now it was the guys who shared a look, as if they knew a secret the girls weren’t in on.

“I’ll take this one...” Ted looked to Barney.

Tipping his blond head, he motioned the other man onward. “Be my guest.”

Quickly, Ted told them about the Spotted post they’d seen just after Bart Bass’ funeral. The not so grieving widow had been spotted with her then ex- and now current live-in lover and babydaddy at Penn Station. Less than 24 hours after her dear husband was in the ground.

Robin cringed, glancing in Barney’s direction. Her joking, laughing Barney wore an expression that was deadly serious. Was he worried about his newfound little brother? Did he feel the connection with this unknown boy so quickly?

Please don’t let Barney get hurt in this, she found herself thinking.

Once Ted had stopped talking, Lillie clearly looked disgusted. “God, who are these people? It sounds so unreal. Dynasty meets Jerry Springer. Thank god you’re not actually related to these people.” She said, “I meant everyone except Chuck.”

“Some of that stuff we read.” Marshall said, “He actually kind of reminds me of you.”

Barney smiled a little at that. “Yes. He does seem to have a way with the ladies and the kid does have style.”

“God, two Barneys in the world. I don’t know if the world is quite ready for two of you.”

“Well, ready or not.” Barney drained his beer. “Here we come.”


Uptown, Seth Blaylock watched his clearly agitated roommate pacing back and forth about the bedroom. A strange look in the other man’s eyes that left him cold. “Dude, what the hell’s got you so worked up? Would you please just tell me what the fuck happened back there in your old man’s office.”

Seconds dragged before his friend finally answered, “Bass has officially taken over as CEO and my father couldn’t be more pissed. He’s working on something to bring the little bastard down.”

“Shit…” Seth fell quiet, letting it all sink in. “Do you think that’s such a good idea? I mean, if Bass gets wind of your father’s plans it could fall back on the rest of us.”

“I think it’s a damn good idea. I’ve wanted some payback after that shit he pulled last Fall.” Karl ground out, yanking out his desk chair so that he could fall into it. Fingers pounding furiously at his keyboard as he booted up.

“Bad idea, K. We all talked about this and we agreed that going after Chuck Bass would be a supremely bad idea. Suicidally bad idea. As in career and social suicide.” Seth shook his head, “Bass owns us, or have you forgotten? All of us, man.”

Karl glared at the computer screen, “Those fucking pictures. That son-of-a-bitch has done ten times worse than anything in those pictures.”

“Yeah, well his Daddy doesn’t have aspirations and a ten friggin’ year plan for getting him into the governor’s mansion, now does he?”

“No. His father had the good grace to keel over and leave him in charge of billions.” Karl ran a hand through his spiky, dark blond hair.

“You’ve lost it.” Seth accused.

“I’m pissed. Those pictures ever surface, my old man’s cutting me off. No questions asked.”

Dark head bowed, the other boy fell into a thoughtful silence. He knew for a fact that his friend wasn’t exaggerating. He’d seen Phillip Saunders in action. The man was not to be crossed, especially when it came to his lofty plans for his only son and heir to the Saunders’ fortune. The old man would cut his friend off without a second thought, financially and in every other way that mattered.

Seth knew his own parents wouldn’t be all that happy with him if those pictures ever came out, but he was very glad that his parents were nothing like that self-righteous prude, Saunders. Politics aside.

“We have to get them back.” The silence between them broke.

Seth frowned at his best friend, who leaned back, his head lolling and gazed fixed on the blank canvass that was the ceiling. His icy blue eyes were almost frantic though, as if he was painting one scenario after another. All the ways things could go wrong. All the ways they could destroy Chuck Bass and walk away unscathed. He tried to rein his friend in, “We all talked about this already, Karl. Everyone voted and agreed to just leave well enough alone.”

“I didn’t agree.” He’d argued until the bitter end, wanting to go after Chuck. It’d been his idea in the first place to try recruiting young Bass once they’d found out the heir to Bass Industries might be walking the Ivy League halls of Yale University. He’d convinced the others that Bass would be a worthy addition to their brotherhood and Bass had conned them all.

“It doesn’t matter. The majority voted in favor…”

“Of what? Of waiting until he’s feeling bored one day or just wants to yank our strings for the hell of it. I’m nobody’s puppet.” Karl said coldly, “Are you?”

Not liking the judgment that he could already see in his friend’s expression, Seth found himself seething and as frustrated as he’d felt that day last Fall when they’d discovered Bass’ duplicity. The night of debauchery that would ruin them all if the truth ever got out. Their entire futures waiting to be destroyed at the whim of one teenager. “What exactly did you have in mind?”

Thin lips curled into a frigid smile, triumph light blue eyes, “We find some leverage. A weak spot.”

Disappointment welled. “We checked into that. The guy doesn’t have any.” Seth reminded. “He could care less what people think of him.”

Karl nodded, “You’re right, but she…” he turned back to his computer screen, fingers flying again in his excitement. The page loaded and his smile widened even further. “She definitely would care.”

“Gossip Girl?” Seth leaned over the blond’s shoulder, scanning the screen. “You actually read this shit?”

“Hey, unlike some people, I don’t discriminate in how I choose to remain informed. If we’d been more thorough we could’ve handled all of this when he was in New Haven. When she was there.”

“Gossip Girl?”

“No, dumbass.” He scrolled down, “Her? Bass’ girlfriend.”

Seth read on doubtfully, his eyes full of appreciation as they took in the dark-haired beauty pictured there. “She’s hot, but Bass doesn’t do girlfriends.” He smirked, “Unless they’re someone else’s.” Laughing at his own attempt at humor, he threw in a quick rimshot for effect. Bass could’ve been cool to hang out with…if he hadn’t crossed them, that was.

“Well, there’s one now. Blair Cornelia Waldorf.” Karl told him. “WASP princess. Old money to his Daddy’s new money.”

“Okay, but Bass is a playa. What makes you think that this girl isn’t just another piece of ass…high class but still…”

The blond pushed away from his desk, vacating his seat. “Read it. This shit goes back for months. Read it and tell me what you think. Tell me I’m wrong and suffering from wishful thinking. I say we finally found Bass’ weak spot and we can get to him if we go through her. But see for yourself.”


The room fell quiet and at one point Karl muttered something about the coast being clear to meet with his father. He promised to return but Seth only half heard him as he became enmeshed in the high school drama that he’d thought he left behind when he graduated himself. Though, his own lovelife hadn’t become quite as tangled as it seemed to have for a certain pair of Upper Eastsiders.

Interesting. Bass had a girlfriend.

Seth found himself smiling. That was just too bad. For Bass, anyway.


Her boyfriend. Blair couldn’t help the thrill of it. Everything was perfect.

She’d talked him into this party, celebrating his birthday and to an extent his new role as CEO of Bass Industries. It’d been a long time since she could remember feeling so happy. Really, truly happy and not just putting on a mask for the world.

So what if she wasn’t going to Yale after all. Or that her father had skipped out on her high school graduation. Or that her best friend in the world…was halfway around the world with that creep, Carter Baizen.

S had been so stingy with details, only saying that Carter was helping her with something important. Ha! Helping himself to Serena was more like it.

She was by no means jealous. She just missed her best friend.

Sure everything else in her world was turning out not exactly the way she’d planned or would’ve preferred in the past but she was slowly coming to find out that that wasn’t such a bad thing.

In all the years they’d been friends, who’d have thought that she could find such happiness with Chuck Bass. Even as recent as a few weeks ago, she’d been doubtful that it would ever really happen. They’d tried so many times and just kept screwing it up.

“Miss Waldorf.”

Blair blinked in surprise realizing that she’d been just standing there for who even knew how long staring off into space.

Arthur cleared his throat and held the door open for her. “Are you okay, Miss?”

“Just fine, Arthur. Long day.” She slid inside, dragging in a deep breath, the chilly, night air filling her nostrils. “Any clues as to where we’re heading or what your employer has up his sleeve for tonight.”

The older man shook his head, “Sorry, Miss Blair. He gave explicit instructions.”

“Of course, he did.” She settled back against butter-soft leather. Wondering just what her boyfriend had up his sleeve for the night. Earlier when they’d spoken on the telephone, he said he wanted to do something special to celebrate the day.

Maybe they were having dinner at Butter. Or no Victrola. She’d had more than one fantasy of returning to the place where it had all began. He’d shut the place down for the evening and it would be just the two of them. Perfect. It would be so perfect. She’d convince him to sing for her while dangling the possibility of another teasing dance.

Sighing impatiently, Blair held down the intercom button. “Just a hint. Come on. Chuck won’t hear it from me. Didn’t he say anything?”

“Actually,” the driver said after a moment, his tone one of polite deference, “I was to give you a message if you asked.”

Blair rubbed her hands in anticipation. “Which was...”

“And I quote. ‘Shut up and enjoy the ride…Waldorf’.”

Her eyes narrowed at that. Oh, that sounded exactly like the Basstard she knew and loved.


Link to-- Chapter 3-- http://jenndeve.livejournal.com/3472.html

A/N: And there you have another new chapter. This one with a heavy dose of intrigue. Not one but two threats to all Chuck holds dear. The past come back to bite Chuck on the…well you know the saying. Barney’s setting his own plan into motion to sneak into the upcoming UES soiree honoring yet another year of Chuck Bass. Also you’ve got Blair and Arthur at the end there, Blair being whisked off to an undisclosed location for a little celebration of Chuck’s official installation as CEO of BI. What did you do? What could Chuck possibly have in store? Are you with B and thinking a little trip down memory lane, starting at Victrola? I'm going to be out of town tomorrow but will try posting Chapter 3 by Sunday night. :D 

Sep. 11th, 2009

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Rain Rain...Don't Go Away

Some days it just feels go to hear that sound outside.  Mostly if you don't have to go out in it.  Today I was out there all day. Breakfast with a friend. Shopping with my sisters. Now getting ready for my trip tomorrow. Will post Chapter 2...maybe tonight but if can't get time in, will def post it Sunday

Just saw Glee...finally!!! and Love it.

Less than 3 days until GG!!!!! Finally, oh how we've missed thee. Well, mostly CB. Dorota. Cyrus. Eric. Eleanor.
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Crash Into Me: CB/BRo Xover--Chapter 1

Link to Crash Into Me-Prologue: Midnight Flights & Morning Afters
 <a href=http://jenndeve.livejournal.com/1743.html></a>

Title: Crash Into Me
Rating: T
Chapter: Chapter 1
Spoilers: None, started this in the midst and wasteland of Spoilers aka Summer
I own nothing except a great love for CB/BRo and the many inhabitants of the UES.
Summary: A post finale fic with AU turn, follows the twists and turns as the worlds of GG & HIMYM collides. Two couples work at figuring out what comes after ILY. Unexpected connections are discovered while danger and intrigue weave its destructive web. CB/BRo

Chapter 1
Masters of the Universe

Two days. He’d had her all to himself for just that long, before the outside world insisted on their attention. Now, Blair was off doing her thing and Chuck was in his father’s old office. Now his office.

Sighing, Chuck glanced blindly at the seemingly endless stack of paperwork that his attorney kept shoving under his nose.

Lily had been true to her word when she’d promised to sign everything over to him. In another thirty days, he’d be all set to take over Bass Industries on a full-time basis.

He’d learned the ins and outs of business, closing the deal at his father’s knee but the board members were insisting on something a little more formal. The old fogies were only satisfied when he agreed to keep his adoptive mother on in an advisory capacity. He’d already planned on picking up a few advanced business courses on a part-time basis.

The next few months were going to be a bitch. Demanding his time and all of his energy but he’d make it work. God, and then there was Waldorf. Blair.

Chuck smiled thinking of her. Life would certainly never be less than interesting with her around and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Even with this fucking party she was insisting on.

His birthday, he cursed silently, why couldn’t they just let the day pass without comment. That tradition had certainly worked well enough he and Bart over the years.

Chuck’s mind spun back to his “disagreement” with Blair over that fucking party. Their first argument as a couple had lasted mere minutes before she’d come sauntering out of that bathroom, purpose in her eyes and seduction in the swing of her hips. She’d been so damn confident that she could sway him to her way of thinking but had no idea exactly why he hated his birthday so damn much and after the past few months of going through the emotional wringer because of losing Bart and almost losing Blair, Chuck hadn’t been in any mood to enlighten her about his mother. How she’d died and his part in it.

The last time, he’d opened up about his mother it’d bit him in the ass and he knew that Blair wouldn’t use it against him…hell, she’d probably feel bad and give in to what he wanted, which was no effing party, but Chuck didn’t want to win that way. And he sure as hell didn’t want pity from the woman he loved.

So instead, Chuck had let her try her hand at seducing him into getting what she wanted. Of course, more than once, he’d turned the tables on her. Their agendas two-fold. Both intent on getting their way but more so enjoying one another in a way that they hadn’t been free to in the past. Not since before things turned serious with the complications of falling in love. Being afraid to say it. Terrified of ruining their relationship, their friendship and doing just that by not taking a chance.

Then playtime was over and all they wanted, all they needed was right there. Any agenda beyond being inside of her had been forgotten and looking into her face, amber clashing with chocolate, he’d known that it was the same for Blair.

Suddenly, his birthday hadn’t been something to dread. Instead he’d relished that time with her. Too busy, too lost in her to even remember the day of the week. It was only later, after they were too boneless and sore to spend another second in bed that they made it out to the romantic dinner she’d had housekeeping set up in the suite.

Tenacious as ever though, she’d broached the subject again of his birthday and the party Lily was already planning. Only when he proved particularly stubborn had she brought in the next weapon in her arsenal. Delicately taking a bite she’d stolen from his plate, she’d informed him that Lily had invited a number of the board members.

The same people who’d seen him at his worse during those long, seemingly endless months after his father’s death.

Since that brunch from hell and the disastrous scene orchestrated by his conniving bastard of an uncle, he’d been trying his best to make nice with the prickly, upright boardmembers. They couldn’t stop him from taking over once Lily signed over those shares, but he preferred to have their full confidence in his direction for his father’s company. For his company.

Fear him or love him, they could do either but he’d rather they not linger and resist, seeing him merely as he’d been. Still within the grips of his youthful, carefree debauchery.

He was different now. The man his father had seen in him last year. That morning when his old man and Lily had left for their honeymoon. His father’s well-meaning words had scared the fuck of him last year, but now he wanted to be that man more than anything else. He wanted to be a man that his father could be proud of, the one he’d trusted with Bass Industries.

So in the end, he’d finally given in, but with a few conditions. First that this “celebration” be an intimate affair and second…that Blair consider taking a trip with him.

She’d been triumphant and all smiles until he’d told her just where he wanted them to go. Not exactly picking up where they’d left off last year, but maybe just maybe getting it right this time around.

He could see the wash of bad memories sweeping across her features when he brought up Tuscany and maybe even Italy where they could enjoy a Roman Holiday of their own. Rushing headlong, he’d hurriedly promised even to watch the movie with her on the flight over.

Blair hadn’t answered at first, pushing the food around on her plate and sipping wine. She’d frowned when he brought up Paris and Serena’s revelation of Blair’s miserable summer after he’d stood Blair up.

That had gotten the brunette’s attention, her dark eyes flashing. “Don’t be so full of yourself. Serena doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I had a lot going on last year…things that had nothing to do with you.”

“Oh, come on, Waldorf. Get off it. You missed me like crazy…just as much as I missed you. I’ll bet if I’d given in and hopped on the first plane out, you’d have forgiven me.”

“You keep thinking that.”

“Blair, I don’t want to fight with you.”

“Well, why bring up last year?”

“Because…I’d like to take my girlfriend to all of those place without it being tainted by my mistakes and your pigheadedness.”

The slow smile that had slowly began curving Blair’s mouth flattened as he tacked on the last. Her eyes darted about the table, as if searching the surface for something to fling at his head. At that point, though, all she could possibly add to her arsenal were a few meager bites of food and silverware. He reached out and snatched her wine glass up, draining it himself before she could make a grab for it.

“I’m sorry but you were beyond stubborn when you came back. Rubbing your fake boyfriend in my face.” He made a face, remembering Blair’s British lord.

Confronted by his lingering and entirely baseless jealousy, Blair felt herself relenting. She reached across the table threading her fingers through his. “Sorry, Bass. But I needed some line of defense.”

“Because you would’ve melted like warm butter the first time I got my hands on you…oh, wait you did. The night of the blackout if I recall.”

“Don’t remind me.”

“Do you ever wonder what would’ve happened if he hadn’t interrupted us?” His thumb drew circles on the inside of her wrist, their eyes locked.

Her mouth quirked and mischief danced in depths. “Wow. You certainly seemed to know what you were doing at the time. I thought it was pretty evident…”

Chuck rolled his eyes, “Okay, I know what would’ve happened…I mean after.”

Blair sighed, her expression growing serious as she looked away from him, “We would’ve carried on the same way…the attraction and fire was never our problem. It was the deeper stuff that made us both want to run.”

“And we’re done with that, right?”

“Oh, you can bet on it. No more running, Bass. Think we’ve both done enough of that to last a lifetime.”

“So you’ll come with me.”

“Hmm.” She’d tipped her head, seeming to mull over his proposition. “Let me see if I have this right. You’d like to sweep your girlfriend off her feet and squire her all over the world.” Her teasing tone had lingered on the title girlfriend, as if she experienced almost as much of a thrill out of the idea as he did. As if those damn butterflies went haywire for her too at the mere mention.

“That’s the idea.”

She’d smiled then, “Well, then if that’s the case…let’s do it. I’ll go with you. I mean what’s one more leap in the face of everything else we’ve been through over the past year.”

“I won’t let you down this time, Waldorf.”

The sound of a clearing throat brought him back to the present, made him realize that he’d been lost in thought, staring until the words were a meaningless blur on the page. Forcing himself to focus, he saw his own signature scrawled at the bottom.

Chuck ignored the lawyer, glancing down instead at the papers that represented the future of his father’s legacy and locked in Chuck’s place at the head of Bass Industries.

It was a momentous occasion and he wished like hell that Blair was there with him to complete the moment.

“The full transfer should be finalized within days of filing all of the paperwork. Mrs. Bass tells me that she will be continuing on in an advisory capacity. Smart idea keeping her on, sir.” His father’s attorney … or rather his attorney now, nodded his approval. Still months after the fact, it still hard not think of it as his father’s company, his father’s attorney, or even his father’s office.

“I thought so.” Chuck tried to shake himself free of memories of the last few days with Blair, at least long enough to concentrate on the task at hand. “Lily will officially vacate her current position in three weeks time.”

“Three weeks? But I thought you’d want to take over, as soon as possible. The board members expected that you’d jump right in at the earliest opportunity.”

Again he found himself entangled in thoughts of Blair. “I have other… obligations.” Chuck told the man. Completely unaware of the wealth of meaning in his tone, the all too pleased expression on his face.

“Hmm.” His lawyer murmured after a moment, organizing the stack of documents, he’d spent the past hour shoving beneath the young billionaire’s nose.

“Was there something else, Jones?”

The man didn’t answer immediately. He started to say something but seemed to think better of it at the last moment.

“Mr. Jones.” Chuck’s eyes narrowed as he studied the lawyer. “You worked with my father for as far back as I can remember. You knew him well, didn’t you?”

“As one as one could, sir.” Jones offered, his curiosity an obvious thing as he wondered what the younger man was getting at.

“My father was a very straightforward man, as you know. He wasn’t one to mince words,” he murmured his tone deceptively lazy, expression bored. “If you and I are to continue working together, you’d be wise to remember that I am my father’s son in every way that matters.”

“Your father always advised that I speak my mind.” Jones nodded.

“Please do then.”

“It’s just. Don’t you think it’d be the best thing to take the reins immediately. Show your detractors that you’re truly serious in your intention to run Bass Industries.”

“I believe I’ve made my intentions very clear. A few weeks…tending to personal matters shouldn’t change a damn thing.” Chuck told him, “Make no mistake. This is my company and I plan to lead in the manner that I see fit. I’m no one’s figurehead…stopping by to collect dividends. I’m in this for the long haul.”

“Show them.” Jones retorted, “Your father showed a lot of faith in naming you CEO…putting you at the head of this empire. Let them see what he saw. That’s all I wanted to say.”

Chuck sat there long after the attorney left him. He wandered from his office, into the adjoining boardroom.

The empty room resounded with the steady echo of his footsteps. Hands thrust into his pockets, he made the long, slow walk to the head of the gleaming table.

In just a matter of weeks, he’d finally get what he’d always wanted. Stepping into his father’s shoes, running Bass Industries.

Only in his childish fantasies, Bart hadn’t been dead. He’d been very much alive and proud of his only son. Finally all the screwups in the past behind them.

“But you’re not here. You’d probably be taking Jonas’ side if you were.” He whispered, “I promised Blair, though and I can’t disappoint her…again. I love her, Dad.”

Chuck turned about the empty room, feeling his father’s presence there more than he ever had back at the apartment. Maybe because his father’s life had revolved around BI, rather than his son or the family they’d gained the year before.

“I think maybe like you loved my mother.” Not that the old man had ever even spoken a word to him about the woman who’d loved them both. Died giving birth to Chuck. No, he spoke from knowledge gleaned from old pictures. Dozens of them.

His father smiling in a way that Chuck couldn’t ever remember seeing him do. Not in all the years that he’d been alive. Not even after the older man had finally opened himself up enough to let himself fall for Lily van der Woodsen. He recognized the look in his father’s eyes when he gazed at the exotic beauty in his arms because it was the same expression Chuck faced in the mirror every morning when he caught himself thinking about Blair when he should’ve been shaving or doing any number of other things.

Chuck’s mouth curved just thinking of her right then. No way in hell was he cancelling on her. She’d have his balls for earrings. Or rather she’d try her damndest to make it happen.

He wouldn’t make the same mistake that his father had. Throwing himself so completely into his work that those he loved suffered for it. Granted, he’d always had the best that money could buy, but in the end all he’d ever wanted was time. Time spent with the old man.

There would be no change of plans. He was taking off for three weeks with his girlfriend and if the bastards on the board didn’t like it then that was just too damn bad. What the hell could they possibly say about it?

He was eighteen and the company was all his. Just three weeks. What could possibly happen?


The boys were all clustered around Barney’s laptop when Robin and Lillie returned to the apartment. Exactly as they’d left them more than four hours before. Only now they were camped on the sofa with empty beer bottles scattered about and…

“You guys actually made popcorn?” Lillie shook her head, her incredulous words echoing Robin’s own thoughts. “I can’t believe you’re still reading that thing.”

Marshall motioned his redhead wife closer, his eyes glued to the screen. “You’ve got to see this, baby. Barney was almost an uncle.”

“Hey, it could’ve been the other guy’s, remember?” Ted argued, leaning over Barney’s shoulder.

“You are way too into this, baby. All of you are? You do remember what happened fall semester sophomore year.” Lillie settled in her husband’s lap, peering at the screen.

Ted and Marshall shared a look, smiling slowly as they spoke in unison, “Erica Kane.”

Lillie rolled her eyes.

“Who’s she?” Robin grabbed a water from the fridge. Hanging back in the doorway with the bottle in hand, she let her eyes stray to the back of Barney’s blonde head. “Some girl you dated, Ted?”

“In his dreams. These two idiots nearly flunked out of Critical Theory, they missed so many classes.” Lillie jerked a thumb between Ted and Marshall.

“In our defense, it was either stay home and watch Erica or sleep our way through forty minutes of BORRRING. The professor could barely stay awake during her own lectures.”

“Don’t remind me.” Ted groused.

“Whatever. You guys have to know that blog is fake? I mean people don’t act that way in real life.” Robin called out, her eyes still on Barney.

“Robin’s right. Do you guys…hmm.” Lily found herself reading the entries over Barney’s shoulder. She frowned, “What’s a Waldass?”

“Why do you care if you think the site is a fake?” Ted demanded.

“Guys. Please. I’m reading here.” Barney finally spoke up, dragging his gaze away from the screen long enough to look at them each in turn. His expression deadly serious.

“Barney, wouldn’t it just be easier to go find this kid and tell him the truth?” Robin said, as their eyes finally caught.

“Yeah, I suppose you’ve got something there. Just walk up to him out of nowhere and say…’hey, you don’t know me but I’m your long-lost brother Barney’.”

“Why not give it a try.”

“Do you have any idea how many long-lost cousins and brothers have probably come out of the woodwork since his…our…” Barney cleared his throat, “Since Bart Bass died.”

“But you really are his brother.” Lillie said.

“With only my mother’s word as proof.” Their friend said, “The same woman who let me believe watching Bob Barker every morning was apart of the visitation agreement they’d come up with.”

Marshall piped up, “Barney’s right. About the proof thing. I’m not touching the Bob Barker thing.”

“What kind of proof? She didn’t put Bass on Barney’s birth certificate. God, imagine that, Barn. You were that close to being Barney Bass.” Ted fought a snickering smile, his laughter infectious as the others joined in.

“God, that is bad.” Barney nodded.

“What about a blood test?” Lillie suggested.

“Now, who’s been watching too much daytime TV?”

“I’m serious, Marshall.” His wife said, “Your little brother can’t exactly call you a liar with DNA results staring him in the face.”

“Problem, Liliput. Bart Bass is dead.”

“But his son…Chuck isn’t.” She argued.

“That’s even worse. Picture this…Barney goes walking up to the guy…I think I might be your long-lost brother, if you could just donate some hair and saliva for the cause we’d be ever so grateful.” Ted shook his head.

Barney shook his head, smiling slowly. His eyes gleaming as a plan started forming in his mind. He looked to Robin, gaining his feet in his excitement. “I’ve got it.”

“What?” She asked.

“We suit up.” He told them, “There’s a party this Saturday night. I say we sneak in and get what we need.”

“I like it.” Lillie rubbed her hands together in anticipation.

“I’m in.” Marshall and Ted said at once.

“Scherbatsky? What do you say?” Finally, Barney seemed to see her for the first time since that night. Since finding out the truth about his mother and Bart Bass. He could finally see beyond the complicated turn that his life had taken and he was looking at her.

“You want me to come along.” Her mouth twitched, her dark mood finally lifting. Tempered by growing excitement.

“Couldn’t see doing it without you. What you say? Are you in?”

“You bet.”

Link to Chapter 2-- http://jenndeve.livejournal.com/3119.html




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Wanna Hug My Boys

AW!!!! Sam and Dean.  "You're the one I depended on most." Broke my heart.  As much as I loved this episode and laughed and felt good to have our boys back.  Sammy and Dean made me want to bawl like a baby.  The love is still there. They're brothers. Always.  But this separation...was needed. Can't have them just jump right back to where they were.  Trust was lost and Sam's going to have to work his ass off to make it right.  Excellent start to the season.

Bobby almost broke my heart too, telling Sammy to lose his number. It didn't feel right.  Not after the Season Finale when B was reaming Dean out for wanting to give up.  How sweet it was to see that that was not indeed Bobby saying those things.  Poor Sam looked like a wounded puppy. Dean so angry and wanting to get past it but not able to and Sam so damn guilty *bawl*

Made me wish they could bring that bitch Ruby back just long enough for the boys to stick it to her again and twist the friggin' knife.  haha makes me bloodthirsty, huh.

The Angel and Chuck stuff was really good.  Funny. Zachariah an interesting adversary and can't believe that I've gone this long without talking about my baby Cas.  Sexiest angel in the garrison.  Wonder if he's something more now and who but the big guy could've saved him or pulled our boys butts out of the fire and put'em on a plane.  Good start. Can't wait for more.

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Question Friends O' Mine

Okay for posting my fic...should I just be posting like this...or do I need to make a Community.  Sorry I'm totally clueless about this. :D
photoshoot, CB, EL

Crash Into Me: A CB/BRo Xover Fic



Okay so I have absolutely no idea if I'm doing this right or not. You guys will have to school me.  But here goes.

Title: Crash Into Me
Rating: PG-13
Chapter: Prologue
Spoilers: None, started this in the midst and wasteland of Spoilers aka Summer
I own nothing except a great love for CB/BRo and the many inhabitants of the UES.
Summary: A post finale fic with AU turn, follows the twists and turns as the worlds of GG & HIMYM collides. Two couples work at figuring out what comes after ILY. Unexpected connections are discovered while danger and intrigue weave its destructive web. CB/BRo


A/N: Chuck/Blair are of course my OTP but I found myself falling and rooting for a new couple this year, as well. Somehow managed to just start watching How I Met Your Mother just before its Season Finale. Caught up on every last episode within a matter of days pulled in by the wonderful characters and relationship, but more so pulled in by Barney Stinson. Barney so very much like our beloved Chuck Bass, a lady’s man. Stylish and charming. The bad boy with heart who fell in love with the one person he maybe shouldn’t have. The parallels between the stories of Chuck and Barney struck a chord as they struggled all YEAR with the idea of being in love with someone and on the very same night and hour…they finally admitted their feelings to their respective beloveds. If you're not familiar with BRo...go watch. No, it's still very much a CB fic and you'll still be able to follow everything.

*This story is basically what happens when the world of Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother collide and connect in the most unexpected of manners. Following CB/Bro as they figure out what happens after ILY. Trials and trauma there will be aplenty as well as romance and laughs in between. This is my venture into the unknown…hope you enjoy the ride. I know I am.  Also as you may know both casts boast characters with the name Lily. For this story…HIMYM’s Lily…I’ll just try spelling differently for distinction and will try to minimize interaction between these two ladies ;)


**Special thanks to my super awesome Wifey for being so encouraging and letting me know all the ways it didn’t suck, as well as, being my second set of eyes. Big kiss, hon *kiss* Here goes nothing. Hope you like it *fingers crossed*

Midnight Flights & Morning Afters

Robin sighed, smiling despite herself.

Cut it out, would you? She reprimanded herself, time and again, but couldn’t quite make it stick in her brain.

It was all unbelievable. Last night. Barney. He’d said the words. God. Barney Stinson was in love. With her.

How impossible it all seemed.

There were doubts, of course. She’d have to be insane not to have them. She wasn’t any good when it came to the “L” word and relationships, and as for Barney, she’d just always figured it was a different kind of four letter word.

Then he’d completely thrown her the other day when she’d overheard him with Ted. The two going back and forth with talk of old suits. She’d been ready to shrug off the strange conversation until she heard Barney say that she was in fact the old suit and that he loved her.

Needless to say that she’d been scared shitless and after she had a chance to really think about it, she’d known exactly what she had to do. Barney had to be made to see the error in what he was thinking. He couldn’t be in love with her.

They were friends and no good could come of them wanting to change that.

But at the hospital and later on the roof. Yes, letting herself give in to the more of what she was feeling for Barney could ruin them completely, but what about the other side of it.

Of course, they weren’t the lovey-dovey, finish each other sentences type like, Lillie and Marshall.

They were Barney and Robin. Suits, cigars, and laser tag. She’d played his wingman and now he was in love with her.

She didn’t want to screw things up. Ruining their friendship, the way they were with one another was the very last thing she could ever want. Still a traitorous voice at the back of her mind grew louder and louder with it’s dissent. Wondering what would happen if maybe, just maybe he was her Barney.

There hadn’t been much time for conversation last night. Not after they’d all lost their minds and jumped across to the neighboring rooftop. Only after, her arm thrown around Barney’s waist and the gang all smiling at one another, had the implications started to sink in.

What now?

Okay, so maybe it had more about the fact that it was physically impossible to jump back the way they’d come. An uncomfortable parallel to exactly what was happening between her and Barney. He’d taken the leap and stood with her. There was no going back.

After that initial moment of triumph, it hadn’t taken the gang very long to figure out that they were stuck. They couldn’t exactly jump back and the locked terrace door kept them from getting inside.

Barney and Marshall’s attempts to pick the lock had gone from laughable to downright frustrating. Leaving the five friends standing there, uncertain and ready to blame one another for their impetuous leap into the unknown.

All the while, Robin began wondering if the entire situation was a sign. A warning of what could happen if she let herself leap into anything with Barney.

Then as if things couldn’t have been worse, the night sky split with a brilliant flash of light and an ominous rumble offered their only warning before the skies opened up, rain pelting down mercilessly.

An hour. They’d spent an hour on that roof, all huddled together, shivering and hissing at one another. By the time the lights had come one inside the apartment, they’d all become less than pleased with one another. Okay, so maybe downright grouchy was a better way of putting it.

At that point, they’d been too cold to really care about how strange or what kind of trouble they might get into for making the jump onto the neighboring rooftop. They’d knocked on the French doors and met the extremely confused older couple who couldn’t fathom how the five friends had ended up on their terrace.

They’d actually been a lot more understanding than one would think.

Sure they’d looked at the group as if they’d all lost their minds, but the couple didn’t call the cops.

Afterward the group had all gone their separate ways. Marshall and Lily headed back to their place and Barney disappeared without a word or even goodbye. While Robin had made her way back up to her own apartment, right then, wanting nothing more than to get out of the wet clothes sticking to her skin and needing to be alone with her thoughts.

Showered and warm again, she’d sat in her room. Barney loved her. That one thought had curled around her, sweeping aside her worries for the moment of all that could go wrong. Instead, she’d sat there enjoying the feelings he inspired. She’d remembered the thrill that shot threw her back on the roof, right before he’d leapt across to the neighboring rooftop. To her.

That night in bed, she’d lain awake, going back and forth. Vacilliating between all the what-ifs. She’d considered all the ways that they could ruin this wonderful friendship that they’d managed to build, but as dawn’s light filtered in, scratching at her sleepless eyes, Robin couldn’t help remembering that look. And that damn goofy smile kept stretching her mouth.

Which would explain the why and how she’d found herself standing outside of his apartment just after 7am.

She raised her fist to knock. Her head practicing words that didn’t sound quite right.

Robin’s hand fell away. Maybe she should wait. See how he reacted to her when they were all together. What if he’d changed his mind? Wouldn’t that be something? There she was…all worked up and feeling things that she’d never left herself free to feel and he didn’t love her after all.

Do it. Just knock, she ordered herself as she raised her fist again and knocked before she could lost her nerve again.

He cared. He’d told Lillie and Marshall months ago. Hell, he’d confided in Ted. Even after their night together had almost ruined the guys’ friendship, he’d told Ted. She grimaced, remembering that he’d also compared her to an old suit. More than once, Robin had given Barney an out. Only he hadn’t taken it. Didn’t want it.

She smiled again, remembering their exchange in the hospital the butterflies that’d been born at his words.

I love you.”

Granted she’d been trying to throw him off by saying it first. Make him back down. But when she’d said them, they’d felt so right. And even more so when he’d said them to her. Three little words that could change everything. That had already done so.

Robin knocked again. Seconds. Minutes passed and still no one came to the door. She stepped back and reached for her cellphone. So intent on scrolling through her recent calls, she almost didn’t hear the door opening at her back.

“Lady. What’s up with the racket? I got to be up in another hour.”

She turned with apologies on her tongue. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t think I was that loud…” It was early. Did that seem desperate? And where in the world was Barney? Could he have gone into the office already?

“Whatever. Just cut it out.” Barney’s neighbor started to shut the door. Something stopped her, making her turn and look Robin over with squinting, bloodshot eyes. The dark circles under the woman’s eyes were prominent.

Looked as though Robin wasn’t the only one who’d had a sleepless night and she wondered at her own appearance.

She took another step away from Barney’s door. Yes it was Barney, who’d seen her at her worse…but this was also Barney. She smoothed her hair.

“Stinson’s not here.”

Oh. Okay. That was good. Definitely good. He was probably at the office. She could hurry back to the apartment and maybe call him later. See if maybe he wanted to have lunch.

Or no. That was like a date. She couldn’t date Barney. No. Not yet. First she needed to pick things up from their conversation at the hospital. They hadn’t gotten a lot settled.

No. They needed to meet on neutral ground and make it decidedly a non-date. So she’d just arrange to meet him at the bar. Tell him that everyone was going to hangout just like always, but ask him to meet her earlier.

“Yeah. I saw him when I came in last night. The guy looked seriously upset about something.”

Robin blinked at the other woman, Upset? He’d been upset?

“I’ve seen you around here before. You’re a friend of his.” The woman said, her glare losing some of its intensity. “Yeah. He came flying out of here when me and my friends were coming back in last night. He didn’t even stop to chat my friend up or anything.”

“Did he say anything at all? What time was it?” Robin demanded, her fingers playing unconsciously at that buttons on her phone.

“I don’t know. Three, maybe. It was late. And he didn’t say much.” The neighbor shrugged, yawning and blinking sleepily at Robin. She could almost see other woman trying to focus. Trying to remember.

This chick wasn’t going to be ready to go anywhere in another hour.

“Wait. I remembered wrong.” She perked up, “He mumbled something about the airport and he had a bag with him.”

Robin thanked the woman even as the door was closing and she turned to stare at Barney’s apartment door, her thumb poised over the send button. He hadn’t mentioned anything about a trip. Not to her anyway.

Was he having regrets after all? Had Barney run away from home?

She shook her head, trying to smile. “Now that is beyond ridiculous.”

Wasn’t it?


Chuck Bass sighed, stretching out across the bed. His mind still hazed with sleep. Bits of the day before, played across the dark screen of his closed lids like a movie or a dream that’d felt all too real.

His eyes snapped open and cold, hard reality crashed down on him. Chuck knew immediately that he was alone in the big bed. He sat up, looking around the room slowly.

He wasn’t back at the penthouse, but rather in his old suite at the Palace. Good ol’ 1812. After the Humphreys began moving their belongings into the penthouse, the place had begun to feel less and less like home.

Of course, Lily had tried to reassure him that nothing had changed, but everything had changed. Jenny and Rufus moving in were only the beginning.

Chuck rubbed at his eyes, vague memories coming back to him. Finally giving Blair the words she needed to hear. Words he’d needed the say. The limo and then ending up back at the Palace to celebrate. It’d been real. How could it have been anything but?

He could still smell her on his skin and his mouth curved taking in the sheet covering him from the waist down. Frowning, he reached beneath the sheets to untangle himself from whatever had ensnared itself about his ankle.

“Waldorf.” Chuck called out, grinning as he came up with his prize. One golden headband. Blair’s headband. Relief spread through him at the tangible proof that he hadn’t imagined it all. His fingers played with it absently. “Blai…”

The bedroom door swung open and there she was. Wearing his dress shirt and little else besides.

“I heard you the first time. I’m sure the people next door, heard you the first time, Bass.” She rolled her eyes. The smile curving her mouth, robbed her words of their fire.

“Where’d you go?”

“Wait. Don’t get up on my account.”

He settled back, rearranging himself. “Anything for a lady.” Anything for you, Chuck added silently.

“I’m sure that you’ll forget that you said as much, soon enough, but I’m going to take great pleasure in reminding you of those words, Charles Bass.”

“I’m sorry. What words were those again?” Chuck whispered, cursing softly. “Guess you’d better get started. Something about great pleasure. Yes. Wonderful starting point.”

“Nice try. Now be good and I just might consider sharing my breakfast with you.” She left him with that, returning a few minutes later.

“Room service. Guess refueling isn’t a completely bad idea.”

“Glad you think so. Don’t move.”

“Bossy. Beautiful and a bossy pain in the ass.” Chuck said, but didn’t move a single muscle. Not when she settled the tray over his lap or even when her fingertips skimmed, brushing naked flesh. “My kind of woman.”

He’d have believed the contact to be inadvertent. Purely innocent, if not for the naughty tilt of her lips. Her brown eyes danced with laughter, “Better be.”

Food first. Then Blair, he promised himself.

She lifted one silver dome with flourish. “Happy Birthday, Bass.”

Damn. It was, wasn’t it? He’d almost forgotten. Felt better forgetting. He was eighteen today. The anniversary of his mother’s death. A year ago today his father had married Lily van der Woodsen. The dreaded divorce had never come. Only the completely unexpected loss of a father. Hitting them all out of nowhere. Knocking Chuck completely off-kilter. Almost destroying him.

The snick of a lighter and answering burst of flame pulled him. He looked up from the artfully arranged fruit and stack of pancakes. Blue and white candle wax melting into whip cream and Blair’s innocent, hopeful smile.

How could she possibly know how much he loathed his own birthday? He’d never told her. Never really told anyone. Except Dan Humphrey. The same jackass who’d taken Chuck’s moment of weakness and run with it. Penning his little story for all the world to see. For everyone to know his most guarded secret.

Thankfully, no one had connected the dots.

Lily knew. She’d been trying to talk him into having a party. She wanted to makeup for the year before. Too caught up in the wedding, she hadn’t known until days after. It was just as well. He and Blair. For one brief week before everything fell apart again, had been together then. One of the best weeks of his life.

A secret birthday present to himself. No wonder everything was ruined after that. Tainted by the day he’d come into the world.

“Earth to Chuck.” A pale hand waved, breaking into his sudden fascination with the singular dancing flame topping his stack of pancakes. “Hurry up and blow it out. Don’t forget to make a wish.”

No. He wanted to cover the plate and make her send it away. Forget that it was his birthday before everything got all messed up again. How could he possibly explain it to her, though.

Where she thrived and couldn’t wait to celebrate her birthdays, he dreaded them. Hid out when he could.

“Chuck. Are you okay?”

“Fine, Waldorf. Perfectly fine.” He dragged his eyes up to meet hers. “Why don’t you blow it out for me?”

She nodded after a moment, not bothering to mask her confusion. Her gaze was heavy and questioning as she waited for him to speak. To explain his suddenly strange behavior. Instead he reached out for the fork and knife. Feeding her bits of fruit and pancake, playing at seduction until it was real. He caressed her plump mouth, his tongue laving at the pad of his thumb. Fruit juice and melted whipped cream.

“Anything special you want to do today? Anywhere you’d like to go?” Her eyes glazed over, drifting to his mouth and up again.

Chuck tipped his head to the side, seeming to consider her words. “Hmm. Anything special that I’d like to do. Well, if you’re asking…”

“Don’t be crude.”

“Well, don’t pretend you don’t like it.”

“Be serious.”

“I am.”

Blair sighed. “Lily called. She asked for my help.”



Chuck waggled his brows in question.

“Well, it seems that Gossip Girl has reared her nosey head again and the world at large…has an idea of what a romantic Chuck Bass can be. Anyway. Eric saw it and said something to Lily about us… ‘kissing and making up’—Lily’s words.”

“Good. Because last night consisted of a helluva lot more than that if I recall. Need I refresh your memory?” He offered with his signature smirk, feeding her another bite.

“Thank you but completely unnecessary.” She said, “Now. Would you like to know what Lily wanted, or not?”

“If it can’t wait.”

“It could but…”

“Spill it.”

Blair stared at him for a moment, taking the fork so that she could feed him. Watch him as she spoke next. “She wants to throw a surprise party for you.”

Food caught in his windpipe, choking him.

She pushed the tray away from them and patting him on the back. Shoving juice under his nose once he stopped gagging. His violent reaction to her words, a confirmation of sorts to something she’d already begun to figure out on her own. “Are you okay?”

“Give me a minute. Just went down the wrong way.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

Chuck didn’t answer her immediately and after a while she grew steadily sure that he wouldn’t say anything at all. “Sorry, Waldorf. But I’m sure that I don’t know what you mean.”

“Don’t be an ass. I’m here. If you want to talk.” Blair reached out, her hand cupping his jaw. The soft, sensitive flesh of her palm rasping against dark stubble. “Okay?”


“Yes?” She queried hopefully, leaning in closer.

Before she could say another word or quite figure out how he’d maneuvered it, Blair was flat on her back. Chuck’s face inches from hers and his arms braced on either side of her head. His lower body pressed her into the mattress, “Feel that?”

How could she not? She nodded slowly, her hands reaching up. Fingers brushing his hair away from his face.

“Good.” He brushed his mouth across hers in the softest of kisses, his teeth scrapping at her bottom lip. Nipping at her jaw. He kissed a slow path to ear. “Talking is at the very bottom of today’s agenda. So I hope you got your fill of gossip and contact with the outside world because…you’re mine now.”

“Oh, really?”

“Damn right.” His mouth took hers again. Distracting them both. Wrapping them up in one another until nothing else existed or mattered. Chuck reached beneath the shirt she’d pilfered, assuaging something that’d been tugging at his curiosity since she’d first come into the room. He mouth curved at what he found. Or rather what he didn’t find.

“You’re trying to distract me.” She accused, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip and words breathless.

He wasn’t doing anything really. His hands gentle and fingers tracing tantalizing circles over her skin. Across her belly. Her hip and her thigh. Drawing oh so close but never quite jumping ahead in the slow sensual detour that he appeared intent upon.

Well, two could play at that little game. Blair reached up, her fingers sliding home and curling in his dark hair. She pulled his head down, needing to feel his lips against her, hungry to taste him. One night to make up for all they’d been missing, was still not quite enough. The sheet still wrapped around his waist, tangled up in his legs, it served as the only barrier between them as her legs widened to cradle him closer. Her legs came up and curved around him.

“You’re right. Later. We can talk much…much later.” She relented haltingly.

“Nothing to talk about.” He retorted between kissing her breathless.

“I meant what I said.” Blair pulled back, looking into his eyes, “Whenever you’re ready. Whatever. I’m here. There’s nothing you can’t say to me.”

His lip curled. Frustration and the ill humor that usually reared it’s head on his birthday had him striking out. His tone dry, “You want to talk so badly. Fine…et’s talk about Harold. Why wasn’t he at your graduation, again?”

She froze. Her emotions right there in the open, flashing across her face. Sadness and anger. Anger with him. Or with Harold. Fuck who knew.

Dammit. “Blair.”

Those brown eyes pinned him. “Word of advice, Bass.” She hissed. “Never thought I’d have to tell you the best way to get into a girl’s pants, but mentioning her father is never the way to go.”

“Uh, I already knew that one.” He smiled, but sobered just as quickly, “I shouldn’t have brought it up. I know you’re still upset…”

She shoved him off and stood with all the dignity of a queen. “Don’t worry about it, Chuck. You’re off the hook. Keep your secrets. The last thing I want to be doing this very second is talking to you.”

“B…” Chuck tried again, reaching out to pull her back to bed, but she was already marching away. The bathroom door slamming shut and lock clicking audibly. He flopped back onto the bed, staring at the ceiling.

That was definitely not the way that little scenario was supposed to go down. “Happy fucking birthday, Bass.” He threw his arm across his eyes, wishing it were any other day.


Two days later

Robin smiled, listening with half an ear to some joke Marshall had heard at work. She pretended disgust when she saw Lillie making a face and slapping at her husband.

“What? It was funny. Ted, man.” Marshall turned, looking to his friend for some support.

“Uh? Sorry, Marshall. Can’t help you this time.”

“Whatever, Barney would appreci…” The other man started to say but fell into an awkward silence. Everyone looking everywhere except at Robin.

Man, this was getting old fast. It was one thing to think that she’d run off the reformed womanizer but having these three acting as if they believed it too and felt bad for her was another thing entirely.

Two days and they hadn’t heard a thing. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. Marshall had said he’d called in at work to say that he wouldn’t be in for a few days. No details.

Every time they tried calling, his voicemail would kick in almost immediately. She was growing increasingly embarrassed at the number of messages that must be piling up and the tone in a few of them. At first she’d let him know how worried everyone was and demanded that he call immediately. She’d been playful. She’d been pissed with a few choice words for his sudden sabbatical from life.

He was the one who’d changed everything and now Robin felt like she was chasing him down. Bogging him down with unwanted attention.

Where in the hell are you, Stinson? she sighed.

“Hey guys.”

Robin frowned, thinking at first that her brain has somehow conjured or manufactured his voice. But, no. Lilli and Marshall were on their feet with Ted not far behind as they crowded around their good friend.

He looked none the worse. Exhausted, but alive and well.

The self-centered pig. There they’d been worried out of their minds. Well for the most part and he didn’t even have the decency to return looking even the least bit scuffed up. But no. There he was. Looking exhausted but not a hair out of place or a sign of stubble, his tailored suit sporting not a wrinkle or tear.

“Hey, buddy. What happened to you? We’ve been trying to call you.” Ted told him.

“Sorry guys. I left my place in such a hurry that I forgot my cell phone.”

Robin’s eyes widened at that. Oh. Oops.

She stood slowly. Well, he still should’ve called them to let them know that he wasn’t in some ditch somewhere.

“Didn’t you guys get any of my messages? I didn’t have my phonebook but I left messages on Marshall’s cell and your phone here at the apartment.” Barney said, “And downstairs at the bar with Carl.”

“Barney, we’ve been too busy worried about you to worry about the bar.” Lillie said, “And you know better than to leave a message on Marshall’s line. He only checks them like once every three months and that’s if I remind him.”

“Hey! I talk to you guys every single day and no one else I want to talk know better than to try leaving a message.” Marshall retorted, “Well. Except that one time and I guess these counts, too. Maybe I’d better move it up to every two months.”

“Good idea, honey.” Lillie patted his arm.

Robin walked over to the answering machine that still boasted “0” new messages. “Barney, we didn’t get any messages here either. Hmm. Well, darn it. That might be why. No tape.”

“Mystery solved, yay. Now, would you tell us what happened? Where’d you go?” Lillie beat Robin to the punch.

“Yea. Start talking, Stinson.”

“A lot’s happened over the past few days. You guys just wouldn’t believe it.”

“Well, don’t keep us in suspense.” Marshall prodded. “What is it, buddy?”

“My mom’s gone.”

The group gasped out as one. Immediately hugging their friend.

“What? How’d it happen?” Ted demanded, patting Barney’s shoulder in consolation.

“U-haul.” Barney said, sitting heavily. He sighed, looking up to see everyone staring at him as if he’d grown another head. “Guys?”

Robin shared a look with the others and felt herself being nudged forward. “Um. Barney. U-haul? You mean she got hit by one?”

“What? No.” Now it was his turn to look at them as if they’d lost their collective minds. “She’s gone. My brother, James and I helped pack up her stuff. He and his partner drove the truck. Could you imagine me…cooped up in that small space for two days straight. Thank you but no…”

“Wait. You left it the middle of the night…without a word to any of us to help your mother move? We thought someone had died or something.”

Barney nodded, sadly, “Actually someone did die. You guys remember my dad, right?”

Marshall gasped, “Bob Barker died?”

“Good God no.” Barney said, “Never. Ever. Even think anything like that. My god!!”

“Barney!” Robin sank down beside him, as the others crowded close.

“Oh, right. Sorry. Here’s what happened. My mom called an emergency family meeting. In Vegas. Seems she was eloping and wanted me and James with her for the occasion. Then we ended up back here to help move all of her things to San Francisco.”

“So wait.” Ted interrupted, “Who died? Her new husband?”

“Perish the thought, Mosby.” Barney met Robin’s eyes, something there making her reach out and link her fingers through his. “No. Not Bob Barker or my new stepfather. Turns out my real father died.”

“Oh, wow. Barney. I’m sorry. You didn’t even get a chance to meet him.” Lillie said, mournfully.

“Actually, I did. It was brief and neither of us had an idea who the other was, but I met my dad.” He told them, “He died a few months ago. Only with the wedding, my mother figured it was time to clear out skeletons out of the closet I guess. Start with a fresh slate.”

“Wow, Barn.” Marshall murmured.

“I’ve been out in San Francisco with her. Trying to process all of this new information.”

“Well, that’s good. Not that he died, but that she finally told you the truth. That you got the chance to talk to him. See him before it happened.” Ted offered.

“There’s something else.” Barney frowned and smiled, all at once, still uncertain how he felt about this next tidbit. “I’ve got a little brother. Another brother. His name’s Chuck.”



Link to Chapter 1-- http://jenndeve.livejournal.com/2798.html





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